Charmex Traulux Q-Fix

Charmex has available in the market the new ranges of Led panels of its brand Traulux for fixed installation QFix (for indoor) and J-Fix (outdoors), that adapt to the needs of each client.

Innovative and competitive technology to respond to customer needs is what the new models offer Qfix and J-Fix of Traulux, that provide the added value of this brand and the wholesaler Charmex with two-year warranty.

The new QFix series, designed for your indoor installations, is available with a pixel pitch 1,86 mm and 2,5 Mm, with a cabinet size of 640x480x60 mm.

Charmex Traulux Q-Fix

Designed for easy assembly during installation in indoor environments, the QFix panel range has its own wall mount and it is not necessary to manufacture a custom structure for its location.

With a refresh rate of 3.840 hz, these new Led screens are indicated for versatile use, ranging from the retail sector to the corporate, to environments broadcast recording, streaming and advertising.

QFix panels yield high-contrast HD and high-quality IC images, with an accurate level of grayscale that ensures vivid colors on the screen.

Another of its advantages is its fully front maintenance, saving space at the rear and making installation easier, with direct-to-wall mounting, as it includes a modular system, with bars for wall installation.

Charmex Traulux Q-Fix

The format of cabinet 4:3 offers aspect ratios 16:9 easily using the right settings (base cabinets by height cabinet). It also offers exact aspect ratios of 32:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, Etc.

Cabinets QFix , made of CNC aluminum alloy that contributes to optimal heat dissipation, ensure high-precision alignment, and are designed to ensure high performance and longer service life.

In addition, have a tool of extraction of modules by air suction, making assembly easier and saving time on installation. QFix Led panels have certifications EMC and ROHS, that guarantees its Eco design, sustainable and lead-free.

Charmex Traulux J-Fix

J-Fix: Led screens for outdoor installation

To cover the needs in shop windows, outdoor digital signage and signage, J-Fi panelsX are designed with a pixel spacing of 3,9 Mm, offering a luminosity of 5.000 Nits.

J-Fix is an outdoor Led panel made entirely of aluminum alloy: both the cabinet and the modules. This particularity improves performance and allows the module to better dissipate heat, preventing electronic components from being exposed to high temperatures.

Thanks to your receiving card Novastar A5s+, for brightness and contrast control, J-Fix responds to the demands in outdoor spaces where a high brightness and performance Led is required.

The precise regulation of luminosity allows to reach 3.500 Nits without losing hardly any contrast in the images, option that provides benefits for installation in shop windows, sports halls, hotel or shopping center receptions, among others.

J-Fix displays are available in 50 formats×50 and 50×100, with a weight of 34 Kg/m2 and a thickness of 80 Mm. In addition, support high frequency for use in broadcast environments, as well as in sports applications where a good visualization is required before the cameras.

Thanks to its special cabinet, in the form of a curve at 90º, J-Fix allows you to create creative screens, very attractive for advertising applications.

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