The Jeroen Pit House ISE

Thanks to the joint venture between Ise, its co-owners Avixa and Cedia, and collaborators of the AV industry, the transitional care unit for children The Jeroen Pit House will feature a high-tech entertainment space.

The construction of The Jeroen Pit House (JPH), which will be located within the enclosure of the Emma Children's Hospital in the capital of Holland, is underway and making progress in the creation of a new transitional care unit for children, fruit of the support of the audiovisual community and its donations of products, time and services.

The joint venture between Ise, its co-owners Cedia and Avixa, and the collaboration of the AV industry, The Jeroen Pit House will feature a state-of-the-art entertainment space for children with chronic illnesses and their families to enjoy.

Av Industry Altruism

The Jeroen Pit House ISEMore than thirty audiovisual brands have committed to provide services and products free of charge to develop the multimedia space, which will include a sensory stimulation room and a home theater.

Woelf and AVEX have generously contributed to the design, product management and with installation services. To which are also added ACT, Antratek, Apart, Arcam, Attero Tech, Audac, Audinate, Audipack, ship, Belden, Biamp, Bose, Chief, culm, Crestron, GenericAV, Intronics, Kenwell, Kramer AV, Logitech, Middle Atlantic, Monitor Audio, Nedis, Pakedge (SnapOne), Philips, Procab, Projecta, SCP, Sennheiser, Sony, StarTech, TU and tvONE.

Gracias a la continua generosidad de los colaboradores del sector, we have brought together the best of technology, el diseño y la experiencia de instalación para crear un espacio de entretenimiento de alta tecnología dentro de la unidad de cuidados transitorios”, has pointed out Mike Blackman, CEO of Integrated Systems Events.

The project will offer, as Blackman adds, “un espacio de evasión para que los niños con enfermedades crónicas y sus familias pasen tiempo juntos y se preparen para la vida en casa, entre otras cosas”. ISE's support for the development of JPH is part of its legacy to the city of Amsterdam, venue of the event for fifteen years before its move to Barcelona in 2021.

Technological legacy

The Jeroen Pit House ISEThe initial goal was to create a state-of-the-art multimedia space, but thanks to the continuous generosity of the collaborators of the audiovisual sector, the project has evolved to include technology in all eight apartments, one cinema room and presentations, the common area and the initial multimedia space.

The residential integrator Woelf from Belgium, awarded by Cedia, together with the trade integration expert AVEX of the Netherlands, have collaborated with the project team to design and prepare a sophisticated system installation that reflects the unique needs of JPH.

Preparations have been underway for more than three years and, after some understandable pandemic-related setbacks, the building is scheduled to be completed in early spring 2022. Despite the difficulties of the last sixteen months, AV collaborators have maintained their commitment to the project.

This has been highlighted Damien Weissenburger, responsible for Sony Professional Displays and Solutions: “seguimos siendo ávidos valedores de ISE, Avixa and Cedia, and we are honored to be part of this important project for a city that has a great legacy in the world of technology. With the donation of some of our star products, such as Bravia displays and laser projectors, nos sentimos orgullosos de ser uno de los socios AV que contribuyen a los esfuerzos por ofrecer a los niños este hogar tan necesario”.

for Jan Martens, Woelf Integration Specialist, “el apoyo de la industria AVha sido reconfortante. The quality of the contributions has allowed us to look beyond the original media area and plan for a broader and more sophisticated integration to meet the needs of The Jeroen Pit House for many years to come.. Es increíblemente aleccionador tener la oportunidad de devolver algo de este modo”.

Albert Bosman, Deputy Director of AVEX International, afirma queestamos muy contentos y orgullosos de trabajar juntos con el equipo encargado del proyecto JPH; tiene mucho valor para nosotros trabajar en una instalación que será tan útil para los niños con enfermedades crónicas y para sus familias”.

For all the design and installation of audiovisual media, “nos centramos en la fiabilidad y la facilidad de su uso, que es muy importante en este entorno -puntualiza Bosman-. Todos los proveedores implicados respondieron espontáneamente que deseaban encarecidamente contribuir en este proyecto. Con el gran entusiasmo del equipo y el esfuerzo de todos, confiamos en hacer posible la comunicación necesaria para el personal sanitario y hospitalario, y facilitar que los pacientes disfruten con sus películas y su música favoritas”.

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