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The CEO of Integrated Systems Events, Mike Blackman, analyzes and advances to Digital AV the business prospects for Ise 2022, of the 1 to the 4 February in Barcelona, at a time of digital transformation for the industry, in which the reunion in fairs is vital to start opportunities and grow, whose countdown has begun for a promising edition.

Integrated Systems Europe 2022 (Ise) takes place at a very important time for the industry. It has become the beginning of the year: there are many product launches, many ads, fits into the sales cycle for integrators, in budget cycles for many companies. So it's ideal in terms of time of year. Obviously, last year we had to postpone the event due to the pandemic, pero lo que está ocurriendo es que muchas empresas se han perdido el lanzamiento de nuevos productos”.

With these arguments, Mike Blackman, CEO of Integrated Systems Events“, does not doubt that the edition 2022, that will take place of the 1 to the 4 February in Fira de Barcelona, es más necesaria que nunca. “Nuestro eslogan ‘Get Up and Reconnect’ is in line with what the industry tells us; that we have to do something to get everyone back into business to get up and really prove that we're not dead.; that as an industry we have survived this pandemic, So what, as an industry, vamos a crecer y aprender de ella”.

ISE2021 Barcelona

An appointment for digital transformation

After a complicated period and a first edition at Fira de Barcelona last year in hybrid format, business must continue stronger than ever and with a legacy of positive learning.

En términos de Exhibitors we have some seven hundred confirmeds for the fair in February, and there are many more who have signed up. The normal ISE has always had up to 1.300 Exhibitors, we will not reach that number, but we will have a very big fair in terms of space. It will probably be the same size as the last fair in Amsterdam in 2020″, explains Blackman.

With an upward trajectory from 2004, ISE has achieved a unique international position to bring together the entire AV and systems integration industry ecosystem low the same roof, por lo que este directivo recalca queISE seguirá siendo la mayor feria audiovisual del mundo. All major display manufacturers, control undertakings, audio, y más participarán en ella”.

ISE2021 Barcelona

Organization and exhibitors at the service of the industry

The core of ISE growth has been precisely the creation of an ecosystem in which organization and exhibitors form a tandem of effective collaboration. “Hay dos cosas que suceden en ISE en términos de lo que se ve y lo que se aprende y lo que se escucha. Part is what our exhibitors present and display (new products, Solutions, ideas,...) y la otra es lo que hacemos nosotros como organizadores”.

In this generation of assets for the event, Blackman offers a clear example: “siempre trato de relacionar una feria como un periódico o una revista. One part is advertising, and that is the case of our exhibitors; but the wording is needed, independent advice and presentation of what our industry is, y eso es lo que hacemos nosotros”.

As for the novelties that the organization has designed for ISE 2022 in Barcelona, Blackman advances more details in the attached video, with more information at Digital AV.

ISE2021 Barcelona Cedia

Training and inspiration as a basis

The training proposal, ISE conferences and certification 2022 remains one of the backbones of the contest, in collaboration with Avixa and Cedia. After the success of the online and hybrid format of the last edition, Blackman stresses that the fair offers one of the best online and face-to-face offers in the industry.

In this sense, this manager affirms that physical interaction, personal connection is essential. “Sabemos que la gente sigue estando nerviosa, "We know people are still nervous. la seguridad y la salud de las personas que vengan a la feria, porque la realidad es que todo el mundo quiere volver a reunirse”.

ISE2021 Barcelona Avixa

Plataformas móviles versus soluciones AV

At the same time, Blackman subraya la importancia de las plataformas móviles y, in particular, of the 5G, “que están haciendo posible una plataforma o un sistema de transporte para las soluciones audiovisuales, ya que la posibilidad de enviar vídeo y audio a través de las redes móviles con una buena calidad supone una diferencia que cambia el juego en cuanto a la forma de presentar las soluciones AV”.

Si bien se trata de mercados distintos en términos de funcionamiento del canal, Blackman apunta que tras dieciocho meses de pandemia ha quedado patente la importancia de las CU, de los sistemas de videoconferencia…, “y muchas soluciones AV trabajan sobre plataformas móviles, al tiempo que podemos ver que la industria de movilidad está empleando soluciones AV”.

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