RMS Pro Audio Digico at Elgin Winter Garden Theatre

The console Digico Quantum Q338 is part of an update made at the Elgin and Winter Garden theaters, next to DMI-Dante 64@96 cards, two DQ-Rack, the Dark1616D Dante/AES67 8×8 Network Audio Interface Glensound and different intercom solutions Clear-Com.

RMS Pro Audio Digico at Elgin Winter Garden TheatreElgin and Winter Garden are two stacked theaters, the second seven floors above the first. Located in Toronto (Ontario) have opted since its origins for the solutions of Digico. In its latest update, your sound manager, Robin Johnston, again chose the solutions of this brand distributed in Spain by RMS Pro Audio, specifically by the Quantum console 338.

"Almost all the musicals and big shows that have come here use Digico and I've used their tables a lot for a decade., all of the SD series. We see a lot of SD10, but the Quantum 338, has more capabilities, so when it came time to update it, I thought it was the right fit".

Quantum Q338 is part of an upgrade that also included a couple of cards DMI-Dante 64@96 by Digico, two DQ-Rack Compact, the network audio interface Dark1616D Dante/AES67 8Glensound ×8 and different clear-com intercom solutions.

As an added value, johnston's choice of team allowed him to work closely with GerrAudio Distribution, whose founder, Bob Snelgrove, was to blame for Johnston's decided to devote himself professionally to audio. 20 years.

RMS Pro Audio Digico at Elgin Winter Garden TheatreGerr's relationship with theatre goes back to a few 40 years ago. "I understand that he did much of the original installation when the building was renovated in the decade of 1980. So they've been here since day one.", explains Snelgrove.

When the Elgin Theatre underwent its major restoration in 1987, GerrAudio (which at that time was called Gerr Electro Acoustics) was contracted to build and install the audio and communication system infrastructure. This included the installation of a Meyer Sound system that remained in service for more than 20 years.

The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres were originally built in 1913. At first they hosted vaudeville shows and silent films., but when the sound ones gained popularity, the Elgin was reused to meet demand and the Winter Garden was closed. Over the years 70, the Elgin screened mostly B-movies and soft porn, but this would change after hosting the musical Cats between 1985 and 1987.

After being completely restored and renovated at the end of the years 80, hosted since the world premiere of the musical Napoleon and representation in 1995 of the musical Tommy from The Who, to episodes of the show Late Night With Conan O’Brien of NBC or the recording of Bryan Adams In Concert for PBS Great Performances.

RMS Pro Audio Digico at Elgin Winter Garden Theatre

"The first major renovation of the premises since 1989, specifically with audio as part of the equation, was in 2011 -clarifies Johnston-. But what was put in then was not enough to cover the changing needs of the space.".

When the most recent opportunity arose to upgrade the equipment, Johnston knew that Digico and Clear-Com would be a perfect solution to meet their future needs..

"The important thing about Quantum 338 is that it supports DMI cards and, therefore, dante. We have a Cat5e infrastructure throughout the building; two sections (entry and exit) to each panel, so it worked perfectly to switch to Dante because we now have a primary and a secondary in each location for our console and DQ-Racks. So, how the Q338 has that advantage, and the new DQ racks have just been released, it was a no-brainer that we made that decision.", adds Johnston.

RMS Pro Audio Digico at Elgin Winter Garden Theatre

Digico's continued support for legacy products and cross-compatibility between older and newer consoles also influenced Johnston's decision.. As a result, even if an engineer arrives with little or no Quantum experience they will have an easier time adapting.

Normally the Q338 of the premises will be used for FOH, "but if a show brings a different console it can be used for monitors.”. Although there are currently no plans to replace the systems installed in 2011 at Winter Garden, Johnston adds that "as soon as there is another opportunity to update, I'm sure we'll also go in the same direction.".

Upgrade increases workflow fluidity for both Johnston and engineers. "Before this, if another operator came and had to change or review something, it was more complicated than necessary. With the Digico Quantum table I know that all the engineers who enter will feel comfortable. Across the range the operating system is very similar. If you know one of their consoles, you know them all".

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