Powersoft Quattrocanali DSP only

The Italian audio manufacturer Powersoft has presented an extension of the Quattrocanali and Duecanali product line with 'DSP only' version, more accessible and affordable to a greater number of users.

The range of amplifiers Quattrocanali and Duecanali of Powersoft has been redesigned to offer the market a more aerodynamic and even more affordable option of 'DSP only', benefiting from all the advantages that digital signal processing (Dsp) integrated offers in a professional amplifier.

specifically, DSP plays a critical role for installers who want to digitally process audio signals to alter timing characteristics, spatial features, frequency and phase without the need for analog hardware to make it possible.

Powersoft Duecanali DSP only

Thanks to the incorporation of DSP in professional audio amplifiers, not only is unnecessary additional hardware removed (the extra cables), rather, it opens the door to digital signal routing, which improves the likelihood of electronic failures and troubleshooting in an installation.

Luca Giorgi, Powersoft Sales Director, states that "we offer the full range of Quattrocanali and Duecanali to our users in 'DSP only'’ simplify the way they use our technology, maintaining the necessary remote control capabilities in a facility. We hope you are welcome for customers who want to try our products, maybe for the first time".

The full range of each amplifier is now available in 'DSP only' version, which includes: Quattrocanali 1204, 2404, 4804, 8804, and Duecanali 804, 1604, 2404,4804, 6404.

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by • 27 Apr, 2022
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