QSC at Indian Music Experience Museum

In the museum's performance hall Indian Music Experience a TouchMix-16 digital mixer has been installed, as well as active K.2 Series speakers and CP self-powered for the stage.

The museum Indian Music Experience (IME), with the support of Brigade Group, chose QSC to equip your performance hall with a compact digital mixer TouchMix-16, active speakers of the K.2 Series and self-amplified of the CP Series for the stage.

The IME is India's first interactive music museum. Located in Bengaluru, is a non-profit initiative of the Indian Music Experience Trust, supported by the Brigade Group.

The vision of the IME is to introduce young people to the diversity of Indian music and preserve the country's rich musical heritage.. It has a high-tech exhibition area, a sound garden, a learning center for music education and several performance spaces. Su trabajo abarca la exposición, conservation, public development, education and community outreach.

The update is in line with the museum's philosophy of helping artists enjoy the process of creating music and its vision to make music more accessible and inclusive for all and make it a memorable experience..

Musicians can't just play now, but also to record compositions in this soundproof theater, which is now available for half-day and full-day rentals. Multi-purpose theatre, which can accommodate up to one hundred audience members, is ideal for private performances, classical music concerts and other events.

"With a well equipped but personal theatre, we look forward to supporting independent musicians by providing a space to create and share with a community of music lovers.", Explains Manasi Prasad, director of the Indian Music Experience Museum. “The IME has already become a music hub in the city and with the installation of the QSC sound system, we hope to further grow Bangalore's preeminent position as the country's live music destination”.

The IME Performance Theatre is a critical application area where performance artists require clear and consistent audio.

"The Intrinsic Correction function and DMT technology in QSC speakers provide uniform distribution of high frequencies., medium and low, reviews in the presentation room. This helped provide the desired output coverage. In addition, the TouchMix digital mixer achieves the expected output/equalizer levels according to the requirements of the artist and the mixing engineer", Explains Raghunandan Rao, QSC Deputy Sales Manager.

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by • 18 May, 2022
• section: audio, Case studies