Sharp NEC MultiSync M751 and M861

The new MultiSync M751 and M861 models, sizes of 75 and 86", of Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe are particularly suitable for use in meeting rooms or retail signage scenarios.

After its premiere presentation in Ise 2023 (more data in Digital AV), The two new screen models of the M Series of Sharp/NEC: MultiSync M751 and M861 incorporate a rich set of functions, such as the visibility of the content, both digital signage and presentations, Not be interrupted by reflections from windows or other light sources.

In this sense, the Advanced settings and accurate of all visual parameters offers full brightness control, the color and uniformity of the screen through SpectraView Engine, resulting in improved image performance.

Sharp NEC MultiSync M751 and M861In addition, These screens can be controlled remotely with the NEC NaViSet Administrator software 2, as well as managing maintenance requirements, Saving time and resources for safe equipment operation 24/7 in critical environments.

As he points out Martin Lienau, Large Format Display Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe, a differential feature of the M751 and M861 "screens is that they equip Open Modular Intelligence, which means users can always find the right NEC product that fits their application scenario.".

As an example, Lienau stresses that users can use the internal NEC player and modular SoC, with RPi4 technology, To play video content. "Thanks to the slot Intel SDM-S/L Built into these screens, it can be upgraded to a solution that supports many demanding applications running on Windows or Linux, So customers get full flexibility and a rich feature set for different applications at an attractive price.".

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by • 15 feb, 2023
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