The Canadian chain TVA Productions turned to Moment Factory Agency so design the multimedia stage of the new competition Le Tricheur television, which is broadcast every day on the tuning of this channel from the North American country. The agency created a set only, highlighting the textures and it light and renewing it aesthetic of them contests television with a surprising environment visual based mapping 3D that each night wraps to them contestants and to the audience.

The ultimate in which one thinks when someone talks about contests of television is in the digital avant-garde design. Vulgarity, dazzling lights, sounds OTT and a setting in motion is usually the aesthetics typical of this type of program, but that is not the case of Le Tricheur, of the Canadian chain TVA Productions.

The creator of the new show, Olivier Aghaby, worked elbow with elbow with the study of design media Moment Factory to devise a design that fails the kitsch side and replaced it by some trick of multimedia projection.

That's how they said goodbye to the sad scenes hello to video mapping and 3D surfaces, curtains LED, and custom software that controls the light, sound and video. It's like an actual installation, a dynamic set with three surfaces projection video mapping: a central node, where the presenter runs the game; a panel showing the activities of the five contestants; and a great backdrop to several meters LED curtains, creating a sense of depth behind each contestant.

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By • 16 Jan, 2012
• Section: Infrastructure, Simulation

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