In its latest advertising campaign, the online store French clothing La Redoute has created a different and really striking action that adapts to the needs of consumers and the weather. Thanks to sensors located on the marquees, the model in the ad changes clothes to suit the temperature.

La Redoute

Before the arrival of the post-Christmas sales, La Redoute, one of the largest online fashion stores and catalog sales, has decided to innovate by launching a campaign on the network striking outdoor digital advertising JCDecaux It has in the French town of Angers. Your new advertisements respond to weather conditions, with a huge thermometer that tells time, time and if it will rain, to snow, to make sun ...

The originality of the announcement is that, depending on the weather-temperature, sunshine, precipitation (rain, snow) or wind contents of the brand are changing. Thus, the ad model is changing her clothes. If it rains it gets your raincoat and if it's cold, a woolen scarf and a beret appear to protect it from the weather.

The campaign was carried out by CLM BBDOIn collaboration with JCDecaux Innovate and Zenith.

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By • 16 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Display

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