The facade of the City of Salamanca, located mostly beach, has served as a screen for video mapping by Paramotion Films occasion of the Festival of Performing Arts of Castilla y Leon (FACYL).

Photo Tribuna de Salamanca main square videomapping

With the title 'Reborn' (Renacer) and an area of ​​more than 27 m2, the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca has been transformed into a giant screen showing the latest technologies animation made by the Spanish company Paramotion FilmsOn the occasion of the eighth edition of FACYL, which ends on June 11.

Photo Tribuna de Salamanca main square videomappingThe video mapping 'Reborn' is the work of Spanish company specializing in digital postproduction and animation Paramotion Films, directed by Alfonso Fulgencio, which has incorporated techniques of 3D and 2D animation in a spectacular light and sound under the concept of "creating something of what already exists in seeking rebirth "in line with the idea of ​​this festival of performing arts in a period of economic crisis.

Photo Tribuna de Salamanca main square videomappingFor Fulgencio, the aim of this video mapping "is something new layer surprise build on what already exists, such as the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca, and that people who go through it very well; that we are able to enjoy. "

The audiovisual show Paramotion Films, seventeen minutes long, is divided into several parts: the first devoted to 'reborn' based on the composition of different images, figures and symbols; other spaces dedicated to the community of Castile and Leon, and finally where the animation takes starring the beach own Mayor of Salamanca reflected in the monumental facade of the town hall.

Photo Tribuna de Salamanca main square videomapping

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By • 11 Jun, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, Events, Lighting, Production

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