Audiovisual services Barcelona-based company has expanded its proposal of event equipment for rent with the legendary Bose 812, formed by a top and a subwoofer.

Stereo Rent Bose F1 812 Array

The system Bose F1 812 array that the company Stereo Rent It has incorporated into its speaker Park allows you to control the vertical coverage according to the needs of the space, thanks to its four directivity patterns possible.

With a power of 1000W, this set of speakers is composed of eight 2.25 inch in medio-agudos frequencies and a transducer of 12 inches for low frequencies, with a horizontal coverage of 110 ° and a 43-20 kHz frequency response, reaching a 126dB SPL.

Stereo Rent Bose F1 812 subwooferWith a weight of 20 Kg, Bose 812 has two entrances, each with independent level control; an input for microphones and mixers and a line output XLR, which offers a mix of inputs 1 and 2 or can also be connected in chain with other speakers.

Moreover, Bose F1 Subwoofer has the same power as above (1. 000W), two speakers 10 inch and a 28-250 kHz frequency response, reaching a 124dB SPL. With a weight of 26 Kg, it integrates an input line and one XLR output to send the audio signal to a loudspeaker or additional subwoofer.

Stereo Rent Bose F1 812 Array

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By • 16 Feb, 2016
• Section: Audio, Business