Companies specializing in contemporary office furniture Herman Miller, and boat have signed a North American partnership to offer solutions turnkey wireless collaboration with ClickShare.

The need for collaborative spaces in enterprises, the adoption of the IT and the growth of custom technologies have joined the environment of office furniture and industry ProAV, who are finding ways to combine their business offerings and provide turnkey collaboration solutions.

This is the approach of the American Alliance between Herman Millerreference in contemporary office furniture, and Boat with its system of ClickShare wireless collaboration to offer turnkey solutions that improve the dynamics of business meetings.

As explained by Wayne Baxter, Manager of ergonomic Herman Miller furniture, "this Association revolutionizes and simplifies how to work as a team and share content. In addition, the elegant and efficient design of boat ClickShare integrates perfectly with our AV carts and our furniture".

In this sense, boat ClickShare wireless collaboration solution professionals facilitates the presentation of content in the meeting room screen with a simple click of a button, and that teams can instantly connect and collaborate through the duplication of the contents of your computer in the meeting room screen.

"Like solutions from Herman Miller, ClickShare enhances collaboration and inspires productivity, what makes meetings more efficient and impactful," said Miller.

The Alliance between both providers of different environments responds "that can significantly expand our scope to create new business opportunities in other markets, as well as enhance that thousands of professionals have the ability to improve the dynamics of collaboration in meetings", underlines Patrick Lee, Vice President of ship in North America.

BYOD trend

The Alliance between Herman Miller and boat comes at a time when a growing number of professionals using personal technology for business communication and presentations, a known tendency nte as "bring your own device to the office" (BYOD).

ClickShare enables businesses to fully adopt this trend, since it allows professionals to easily share the content of your devices on the main screen of the meeting room, without the complexity of if it is connected to the corporate network.

The combination of the flexibility of the platform and the ability to simultaneously share different types of documents (such as PowerPoint, spreadsheets and PDF files), make ClickShare a versatile tool in the environment of business meetings.

This alliance provides a collaborative solution integrated, which will supply Herman Miller through its Starin distributor in the United States and Canada to provide customers with everything they need with turn-key solutions audiovisual hand in a single or double screen, with ClickShare to encourage interactive information exchange.

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By • 23 Aug, 2013
• Section: Display, Business, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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