LCOS projectors start to climb positions in the professional market with up to 112.9% annual growth forecast until 2016.

Analysts predict that the projector featuring LCOS technology market (Liquid crystal on silicone) will have a 112.9% annual growth until 2016, according to a report by TechNavio, Infiniti Research market research platform.

Integrated systems and Portable projectors are which are gaining more popularity due to the features offered to its transport and its high image quality. Portable projectors are having a great acceptance in the corporate environment due to its great flexibility.

On the other hand, one of the main drivers of this taking this technology is the increasing adoption of this type of device is performed for applications of augmented reality at HUD, HMD and glasses as the Google Glass solutions.

The report by TechNavio points out that one of the main challenges in this market is the high cost of LCoS projectors, in comparison with those constructed with alternative technologies such as 3LCD, DLP, and 3-chip DLP that does have a strong penetration.

This high cost has been one of the reasons that has made this technology has not penetrated more rapidly on the market.

Key vendors dominating this market are: 3M, Canon, JVC and Sony Kewood. Also, other manufacturers are also involved in this industry are AAXA Technologies, Aiptek International, Cinetron, DreamVision, Faroudja, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions, Samsung Electronics, Vidikron y ViewSonic International.

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By • 27 Aug, 2013
• Section: Studies, Projection, Augmented reality

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