Smart TV sales for 2013 have reached 76 million units, an increase of 33%, which, according to Strategy Analytics, will reach 73% in 2017.

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Samsung, LG Y Sony are manufacturers that dominate quotas smart TV segments, according to a report by Strategy Analytics. Smart TV segment is healthy.

Samsung Smart TVAccording to Strategy Analytics, sales worldwide in 2013 reached 76 million units, representing 33% of total flat panel TVs sold during the year. Western Europe is the main destination of consumption of these devices, with nearly 45% of flat panel TVs sold in 2013.

LG Smart TVConsultancy forecasts indicate that this year the smart TV will account for 44% of total flat panel display business and will reach 73% in 2017.

For manufacturers, Samsung continues to lead the Smart TV segment, with a market share of 26%, followed by LG with 16% and 11% Sony.

Sony Smart TV"As Smart TV becomes a standard feature on TVs, dictated both by the desire to raise prices and the interest of consumers to shop for the future, market shares Market Smart TV begin to look more and more to the overall TV market, "said David Watkins, director of Connected Home Devices Service Strategy Analytics.

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By • 21 Feb, 2014
• Section: Display, Business