The manufacturer of digital signage solutions AOpen and its new Android media player ME02A0 form a joint solution with content management application Deneva.cuatro of Icon Multimedia for digital signage.

Designed for 24/7 operation, ME02A0 Android is the new media player AOpen for digital signage solutions that forms a perfect tandem with the new technological application Deneva.cuatro Icon MultimediaAs a joint solution that will be available soon through local distributors.

This joint solution under Android platform allows customers to publish virtually any type of multilayer content, including images, video, text, animation or audio, through CMS Deneva.cuatro and manage remotely through an intuitive web interface.

In addition, this team can play full HD content and has HDMI connection, network card output, RTC, Watchdog and two USB ports, among other features.

As part of the AOpen Digital Engine platform, this solution provides high operability to work in complex environments, industrial chassis with an easy to locate.

Meanwhile, Icon Multimedia already has operating certificates in the new digital players DE6100, DE67-hai and DEX7150 AOpen designed to provide crystal clear graphics and high multimedia performance in the most demanding environments.

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By • 28 Aug, 2013
• Section: To fund, Digital signage, Dynamic advertising

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