Major capabilities of control remote and a list of expected of service are some of them news that offers TeamViewer 9 beta, a tool that facilitates the meetings online, videoconferencing and the transfer of files between computers.

TeamViewer 9

TeamViewer, provider of online meetings and remote control software, has anunciadola availability of your tool TeamViewer 9 beta that includes Wake-on-LAN, a feature that allows users to turn on computers remotely over the Internet, either from a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Another of them news that includes TeamViewer 9 is the list of expected of service, that offers to the professional of support computer the possibility of manage, share and assign requests for support immediate. Also, the users can join is to them sessions of control remote through a code of session only, without need of Exchange is the ID and the password.

In addition to these features TeamViewer 9 beta also incorporates authentication of two factors, shared files, universal Clipboard, notifications and branding.

The authentication of two factors adds protection additional to the accounts of user of TeamViewer, allowing have, of form optional, of a second code of safety through its device mobile and of an application of authentication standard.

Shared files feature allows you to share files of any size without having to start a traditional remote access session and can be between different platforms.

Universal Clipboard offers the possibility to copy files from the device and paste them directly into a remote desktop with the functions of copying and pasting.

This version includes a window pop-up of notification located in the list of computers and contacts, that brings together in an only place all the notifications of the system, including them of ITbrain to facilitate it management.

Finally, with the personalization of brand companies can configure TeamViewer QuickSupport, QuickJoin and Host modules without having to repeat this action every time you upgrade software. A unique link custom leads to them users until the version current of a module stored in the Management Console of TeamViewer, where this can be shared and custom among the team of support.

"With TeamViewer 9 can offer to them developers external access for the creation of sessions from its software and the integration with them data that managed within the infrastructure of TeamViewer" explains Kornelius Brunner, responsible of product for small and large companies of the company.

TeamViewer 9Public API

Coinciding with the release of TeamViewer 9, the company has presented its new API public, that allows to the companies integrate the software of TeamViewer in its infrastructure technical current.

La API de TeamViewer incluye dos nuevas funcionalidades: API de informes y API para la gestión de usuarios. La primera integra una API Rest con un lenguaje neutral y potente que recupera los datos de los informes de la Management Console de TeamViewer. La API para la administración de usuarios permite a las organizaciones minimizar las interrupciones, sincronizando los datos del usuario entre el actual sistema de gestión de usuarios de la empresa y TeamViewer.

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By • 6 Nov, 2013
• Section: Networks, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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