The presenters of Televisa will analyze them played of them parties of football that is held during the world of Brazil through a table interactive multi-touch, that shows to them players as holograms. Its design has been used alternate reality technology and Vizrt solutions.

Televisa Deportesa division of the television network Televisa Mexico, has offered an advance of technology of alternate reality (Alternative Reality) that will be used during the World Cup of Brazil, and has been during the friendly match between Mexico and Nigeria, on March 5. For this initiative is used a table interactive touch that allowed to them presenters analyze, in time real, them played of the meeting in addition to to discuss the strategy of them equipment. The effect for the spectators was a better analysis and understanding of the party and the techniques of play from both teams.

This touch table functionality included multi-touch that allows with a touch of the finger is you can get the image of a player to life-size, in the form of a hologram, and then show your game statistics.

This interactive table has been designed with the technology of Vizrt. For virtual players was used Viz Virtual Studio and motor Viz Engine for can display the graphics on the touch screen. This virtual technology is increasingly used by broadcasters around the world to create complex virtual scenarios in 2D and 3D, including the same type of graphics of immersion that the found in the touch table of Televisa. The Viz Engine development is also being used by numerous chains with large interactive touch screens.

This is not the first time that Televisa commitment to technology Vizrt for their football broadcasts. Last summer used Vizrt Virtual Presenter during coverage of the 2013 Confederation Cup Brasil.Virtual Presenter is a suite consisting of Viz Viz Engine Libero and programs.

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By • 30 May, 2014
• Section: Display, Events, Augmented reality, Simulation

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