With cameras of documents ELPDC21 and ELPDC13 from Epson, teachers and educators can develop more pleasant way to classes, keeping the attention of students and helping them to obtain best results. Include compatibility with Full HD, ability of emission of video in parallel and function of screen split.

The document cameras Epson ELPDC21 and ELPDC13 include camera Full HD 1080 p and the ability to stream video in parallel, allowing them to launch high-quality content to different devices simultaneously, such as a laptop computer, projector, screen or television.

The camera of high resolution makes possible play images of high precision so the students can observe until the minimum detail. Through these devices, it is possible to share great on-screen maps, detailed diagrams, 3D objects and double pages of a text book, thanks to the wide area of capture and projection in A3 size.

Them cameras of documents ELPDC21 and ELPDC13 are suitable to accompany to the projectors of education of Epson and can generate sequences of 30 fps to issue video in streaming with a high clarity and softness, avoiding any imperfection in them images in movement.

When required a high clarity and attention to detail, as in the case of historical texts, optical zoom and digital integrated in the model ELPDC21 and its Led light source ensures maximum definition. Suitable for classes of science, also is possible show objects tiny in big screen using the microscope that incorporates.

"We have served the needs of our clients developing new features that improve the range even more. It is the case of the support images Full HD or the ability to share images and live video to multiple devices at the same time, thanks to the ability to broadcast video in parallel. Teachers may use the document camera directly from the projected screen avoiding having to move from one side to another and helping to maintain the student's attention at all times,"explains José Pereira, product manager at Epson Ibérica.

For greater flexibility, two document cameras include split screen, enabling teachers to show two different content to either side of the projected screen, using feeding SD and image card live, to help highlight some points lesson.

ELPDC21 cameras and ELPDC13 documents are compatible with all Epson projectors EB-5 series (short distance) and EB-1400 (ultrashort distance).

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By • 25 Jan, 2016
• Section: Display, Training, Projection

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