Integration of solutions based teleconferencing software and audio systems, as well as an extension to four additional languages ​​are some of the many features of this latest version for the creation and distribution of digital advertising and information in a network of screens.

Easescreen ISE2016 Techex

The manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for digital signage Easescreen, The wholesaler TechEx marketed in Spain (more data Digital AV Magazine) Presented in ISE 2016 Version 9 of its resolution digital signage, which among nearly hundred new features and extensions that incorporates highlights the synchronization to frame any number of media players, integration of teleconferencing solutions based on software and measurement systems audio and user interfaces more powerful four languages ​​and translation.

Easescreen es un sistema de gestión de contenidos modular, que gracias a una sencilla e intuitiva interfaz de usuario permite la creación y distribución de publicidad digital y sistemas de información a cualquier número de pantallas dentro de una red. De esta manera, una gran variedad de formatos multimedia e interactivos pueden controlarse, programarse y actualizarse automáticamente o manualmente en tiempo real -de forma individual para cada pantalla- tanto in situ como en remoto y desde dispositivos móviles.

Easescreen ISE2016 TechexThe focus of the new version is precisely the frame synchronization of an infinite number of mediaplayers for high-resolution video walls with unlimited number of screens. Editing tool Screen Manager is now much more efficient thanks to an additional WebCMS based interface for the user to easily change the contents.

As digital signage itself, Digital Door Signs helps users to orient themselves within buildings with different rooms with a solution 'door sign' based on software and individual doorsigns eSign.

Además, Easescreen también ha desarrollado sistemas de orientación digital que guían a las personas directamente desde un punto a otro. “Con la ayuda de los sistemas digitales de orientación, las organizaciones pueden incrementar considerablemente la calidad de sus servicios a clientes y empleados”, afirma Gerhard Pichier, director de ventas de Easescreen.

Another highlight is the presentation of the Video Client function, a client software solution that can, for example, be used in areas of customer service as a 'digital adviser "as well as the integration of third-party solutions such as systems customer flow or audience measurement to measure the impact of DOOH campaigns or interactivity in front of screens installed at the point of sale.

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By • 18 Mar, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Events, Dynamic advertising

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