The elevator manufacturer has joined his MPD system, until now unique in the market, 3G technology to provide greater security in all communications, which adds to the functions of videoconferencing for emergency and contents of this digital multi-display emitter to offer maximum safety and comfort to users.

The MPD system of Otis It now incorporates the 3 G technology and a new version of software to offer greater security in communications through the users who use its GeN2 elevators, that incorporate the digital series multi-display, which prevents the installation of an optional with this system package as it was the case up to now.

MPD is an innovative audiovisual intercom that can act as a video conferencing system with 24/7 support in cases of emergency; as digital electronic display of position and direction (sound and graphic); as a supervisor of the performance variables of the elevator and as a transmitter of content (music, news, advertising and messages from the owners of the building).

One of the fundamental elements of MPD is security, since if a failure occurs, the trapped person can see and hear the person attending the service of Otis, providing in addition extra lighting in an emergency, which contributes to improving the conditions of waiting until the resolution of the problem.

In addition, system automatically transmits the identification of the elevator, so the location is accurate, without relying on descriptions or data you need to know the user, in addition to its operation is checked daily.

Report dealt at all times of the process followed in the management of the emergency call, it is a useful telephones for people with hearing and visual disabilities thanks to its voice synthesizer function and by providing information at all times for the peace of mind of the user.

Thanks to its digital display, it is the only intercom currently on the market that broadcasts audiovisual content of interest to the user, including the possibility of issuing short videos or messages in any language, creating the user the feeling of shortening in their displacement.

In this sense, it can also be used as an advertising and information medium, by programming to broadcast information and advertising messages, such as bulletin board or support services for sale or own advertising. In addition, by designing funds and some fields can be customized broadcast the elevator with the name of the building or the owner or developer of the same company.

Otis MPD includes remote intercom monitoring itself and, if the client requests previously, also includes some elevator control variables to provide daily and historical performance verification.

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By • 22 Mar, 2016
• Section: To fund, Control, Display, Distribution signals, Networks, Security

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