The project in the main room combines a projection solution Full HD high brightness on large format electric screen with an LED monitor large. The sound system is via a digital audio system processor and high-fidelity speakers built into the ceiling.

TBWA\España es uno de los principales grupos de comunicación que se encuentra a la cabeza en el ranking de la creatividad española. Aporta a sus clientes conceptos estratégicos diferenciadores, desde la metodología propia Disruption, aplicada en la implementación de las ideas a través de Disruption Live. Según la revista Forbes, es la única agencia española entre las 100 mejores del mundo en social media y una de las que cuenta con más premios Inspirational, principal festival de comunicación digital de España.

The renewal of its corporate headquarters in Madrid has enjoyed the cooperation of Vitelsa to provide the main hall of a new audiovisual equipment. In this room they are developed and presented to customers and advertising campaigns generated content agency, also hosting the exhibition of the awards received by the company.

Provide greater multimedia capabilities to the room to generate a greater impact on the presentations was the challenge Vitelsa I had to face in this project. Following the functional guidelines of TBWA Spain, it has designed a technological proposal, which combines advanced projection solution Full HD high brightness for electrical large screen with an LED monitor, the same resolution and large for optimum experience video communications.

The sound of the room has been entrusted to an audio system with high power digital processor and high-fidelity speakers built into the ceiling, allowing the realization of very dynamic presentations.

La gestión de los contenidos multimedia se realiza gracias a un sistema de conversión de vídeo HD, integrado con un sistema de distribución de señales AV en sala que se combina con un sistema de compartición de señal AV mediante enlace inalámbrico. De esta forma, se pueden visualizar de forma activa contenidos multimedia de diferentes formatos, procedentes de PC, tablet u otras fuentes de vídeo. Todo ello de una forma sencilla y sin cableado ni preinstalación de aplicaciones.

In addition, all audiovisual room devices are integrated through a switching matrix HD Video videoconferencing system and HD camera, allowing the establishment of working sessions in real time with the outside sharing room image and presented different multimedia content from it.

Finally, an automated control system as scheduled by Vitelsa allows control from a wireless tablet audiovisual resources of the hall, including lighting control for better visual conditioning.

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By • 28 Mar, 2016
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Cases of study, Control, Display, Distribution signals, Lighting, Projection, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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