Four are the models that incorporate the new range of enclosures that has developed the brand Italian, which are available in version passive and biamp. Some teams that stand out for their quality and flexibility.

FBT Ventis 110, 112, 115 and 206

Ventis is the new range of enclosures for touring and fixed installations which has developed FBTbrand that it distributes Magnetron. A line composed by four boxes acoustic (110, 112, 115 and 206), available in version passive and biamplified, that has been designed to comply with them more high standards with regard to performance and aesthetic.

Quality and flexibility are the values that best represent the Ventis range. Based in a combination of them engines of compression of B & C with the woofers of FBT manufactured to measure, them models 115, 112 and 110 are teams bass reflex of two way hosted in enclosures of plywood of Birch of 15 mm. The grille that covers completely the front, coated with a fabric acoustic special, presents the style characteristic of the brand, while them diffusers rotating of directivity constant guarantee a precise coverage.

FBT Ventis115AThe three enclosures are suitable for fixed installation and also for use in scenarios. Are provided of points of suspension M10 and have with a support in U optional that is can be used for the mounting in wall. For its use in the road, these teams include handles of aluminum coated of rubber, a glass of mounting of 35 mm for support of speaker and an angle of wedge of 45 ° to use them as discrete monitors of scenario.

For its part, the multifunctional Ventis 206 can use is as front fill, reinforcement low balcony, speaker main when is need get an impeccable intelligibility of the voice or as complement full range of a subwoofer. Manufactured in plywood from Birch of 12 mm, has of a handle integrated in the panel rear, a support of mounting optional and an optimal relationship size-SPL.

Active Ventis models feature an amplifier with a switching power supply module, specially designed and made in Italy. For low frequencies, they use a topology class D 700 W RMS (full bridge), with very low levels of THD very efficient. For high frequencies, get 200 W RMS thanks to an electronics class H / AB.

FBT Ventis115A panelThe DSP integrated is powerful and easy of use. Located on the back of each enclosure, panel with navigation menus is easily controlled through a single encoder. It offers a total of 6 presets optimized as well as other 2 settings free to configure customized designs with 5 Parametric Equalizers. Also has a pass filter high, a selector switch mic/line, serious tone settings, media and treble, and an optional delay between 0 and 3.5 meters.

It is also possible to choose between two modes of limiter, MAX-SPL or MAX-Quality, which adapted the system to each application.

This Italian brand Ventis range incorporates a DSP advanced with 6 presets of versatility: Original/Live; Vocal, that allows an adjustment of equalization special that increases the intelligibility of the voice; DJ, designed to maintain the high level and the public dancing; Touring, with the reliability and the roar of the most popular touring systems sector; Loudness, a preset to listen to volume medium or low; and Warm, a special setting that emphasizes the Middle frequencies low frequencies.

ETOs teams incorporate two-way (BI, bass reflex), switching power supply of high performance, panel with balanced input XLR/jack, output Link for XLR, 2 volume controls, input stereo RCA and DSP display encoder.


FBT Ventis112A monitor

Ventis 110A, 112A, 115A and 206A

  • Active loudspeaker with DSP.
  • 700 w + 200 W RMS, 133 dB SPL for the 112A and 115A and 131 dB for the 110th and 206A.
  • 15 "woofer for the 115A, of 12" 112A cy of 10 "to 2.5" v.c. 110A and 2 for the latter. The 206th carries 2 woofers of 6.5 "with coil of 1.5".
  • Compression driver tweeter 1 "B & C and 1.7" coil output. For the 110th and 206th of 1.4 ".
  • Frequency response 42 Hz the 115A, 48 Hz the 112A, 58 for the 110th and 70 Hz for the 206th to 20 kHz.
  • Diffuser rotating CD of 80° H x 50° 70 × 50 for the 206th V.
  • 6 M10 suspension points, thread for mounting on wall, glass of 35 mm (1 3/8 ") for speaker stand mounting.
  • 2 handles for aluminium and 1 for the 110th and 206A.
  • Wedge 45 °.

Ventis 110,112, 115, 206

  • Speaker passive of reinforcement <./li>
  • 500 W, 8 ohm, 130 dB SPL (115), 400 W, 8 ohm, 129 dB SPL (112), 300 W, 8 ohm, 127 dB SPL (110), 400 W, 8 ohm, 127 dB SPL (206 ).
  • integrated passive crossover with soft-trip protection for the woofer and compression driver tweeter
  • Speakon NL-4 input and output Link.

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By • 4 Jul, 2016
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