The manufacturer has developed these new systems, which recently presented at ISE 2017, to facilitate the management reserve and meeting spaces, as well as control rooms centrally and with a full and monitored, tracking respectively.

The room scheduling system In-Session, which Black Box She presented during his participation in ISA 2017 (additional information at) Digital AV Magazine), Simplifies the management reserve and meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, etc. directly from a touch panel, currently available in formats of 7 and 12 inches, both for mounting in pairs as versions for installation on surface.

Its ease and flexibility is also reflected to integrate seamlessly with the existing mail server address, so that users can make instant reservations and extend or cancel existing meetings directly from your touch panel, ensuring that these spaces are used with efficiency and productivity, has an occupancy indicator with LED for remote display whether a room is occupied or available.

For its part, the management platform AT / IT Boxilla eliminates the complexity of individual management of several KVM systems and thousands of devices in large-scale systems, as it facilitates control of user access and status monitoring of devices to identify and resolve problems before they occur.

This management system for KVM and AV connects and manages a wide range of solutions for the extension signals with a secure and centralized access to an unlimited number of remote access points (computers and virtual machines from a single point of intuitive access) for what works in combination with the InvisaPC solution.

The company has also launched training courses, seminars and practical expert sessions, through its Black Box Academy, for detailed both these new solutions and other innovations for control centers and conference rooms (more details of the same in this link).

Access the Special ISE 2017

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By • 21 Feb, 2017
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