'Your face does not sound like' is the new program that Antena 3 has launched in March. For staging a gifted stage it uses different audiovisual elements as 9 vertical totems configured with Barco ILite XP screen and LED screens Absen A3 Pro 9 x 5 tiles. On the table there is a plasmawall jury composed of 3 LCD-LED 46-inch screens.

The 'Your face does not sound like' began airing on March 10 featuring the very essence and scenographic structure than its predecessor 'Your face sounds'. Sono It has been the provider of audiovisual technology of these two programs produced by Antena 3 Endemol Gestmusic.

For this new talent show has designed an integrated display supports 11-stage. In the bottom nine vertical totems configured with the screen located Boat ILite XP 6 mm. Seven of them are 16 tiles, with dimensions of 0.90 × 3.58 meters, and two of 22 tiles, with dimensions of 4.93 × 0.90 meters fully integrated.

On the sides of this scenario two LED screens have been installed Absen A3 Pro 3.9 mm and 9 x 5 tiles that offer superb picture quality.

The Absen A3 Pro is a thin panel light interior and quick installation, with high contrast and black levels intense. Pixel calibration ensures accurate color and brightness uniformity across the screen.

In the area of ​​the arches, where participants enter the stage modules 320 × 320 adaptable used. In total, sixty units of two strips. The mini modules 728 covering the access stairs are LED modules 510 Olite Barco evenly distributed between the steps.

Finally, for the jury table it has used a plasmawall consists of three LCD-LED screens 46 inches with a depth of 9.6 cm and a separation of 3.5 mm screens.

In some performances it has been able to see a mosaic of four front projection screens of different sizes, airborne, on which appeared images generated by two projectors Barco HDX W20 Flex, to complete and give you more audiovisual presence staging .

The sequel to 'Your face sounds', which premiered on March 10, you can see Friday in prime time on Antena 3 television. The peculiarity of this new format lie in the talent to imitate great artists, this time from anonymous participants will soon cease to be.

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By • 23 Mar, 2017
• Section: Display, Lighting, Production, Projection

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