Exofield allows playback of sound localization of sound images created by the speakers in a listening room when the hearing is done through headphones.

JVCKenwood It has developed a process technology external location called Exofield sound field that reproduces the sound field and locate the sound images of the sound source even when using headphones.

Con los auriculares convencionales, las imágenes sonoras se perciben dentro de la cabeza del usuario (localización interna). Con la tecnología Exofield, JVCKenwood ha logrado crear una localización de las imágenes sonoras fuera de la cabeza del oyente y reproducir un campo de sonido que permite esa sensación física mediante auriculares como si se tratara de una escucha con un altavoz convencional en una sala.

For the development of this technology measures the personal characteristics of users, the shapes of their ears and their faces as well as the acoustic characteristics of the speaker systems and listening rooms were taken, also it used a process audio signal customized for each user.

This technology uses a process of sound field based on the measurement of various acoustic characteristics including the physical characteristics of the listener and that identify the depth and distance perception of sound images, particularly those found in a central position, which that could not be achieved with such conventional technologies suitable location.

Exofield field effect creates a realistic sound even when listening with headphones, as if the user were listening to music from speakers. The feeling is that music is not perceived directly on the ears, which is the usual feeling expressed most users when using headphones.

It supports multichannel audio sources, allowing three-dimensional sound field reproduction on headphones from a home cinema room or in a virtual reality environment, among other situations.

Custom sound field

Exofield can measure various acoustic characteristics of the person, which allows the optimal process sound field to locate sound fields outside the head.

Technology JVCKenwood makes it possible to measure and analyze the personal characteristics of individual users, the shape of their ears and faces, as well as other acoustic characteristics of the speakers, headphones and own listening rooms to carry out an process audio signal optimally fits each user manner.

intraaural microphone

JVCKenwood ha desarrollado un sistema de micrófono intraaural ultracompacto basado en un micrófono MEMS para medir la respuesta sonora en función de las características físicas individuales de cada usuario. Este micrófono ultracompacto colocado en el conducto auditivo hace posible determinar las características del campo de sonido que se produce en el canal auditivo de los usuarios.

Users can set the position of the microphone system the ideal measurement point, regardless of the differences in the ears of anyone. With this methodology an auditory experience is achieved with a natural sound field applies to both open and closed headphones, the latter being a type which had always considered inefficient to provide them with a conventional location outside the head.

advanced algorithm

It has developed a new algorithm which can be measured and automatically generate the optimum personal acoustic characteristics in a short period of time. Its use minimizes the effect of variations sound image localization caused by different measurement environments, such as room conditions or misplacement of headphones over his ears.

Exofield overcomes these drawbacks by optimizing a transfer function calculated from the measurement results.

Clairdad central location acoustic image

direct and reflected waves from the speaker are analyzed and corrections made sound canceled due to the positional relationship between speakers and listeners, as well as the effects of the reflection of sound in the room.

Thus, it makes the central sound image clearer, an aspect that was a real problem with conventional technologies location outside the head. In addition, proper location of the center image is easier adjusting the phase characteristics of each channel in generating inverse filter to cancel the sound field reproduced by headphones.

Measurement and creating physical data

To measure the impulse response pulse method-a method of measuring rapidly, which made possible measurements and generate personal physical characteristics in a short time was adopted.

In an environment in which the measurement of a low pass filter is subject to instabilities due to the effects of environmental conditions of the room and the adjacent space, Exofield can generate parameters Low Pass in a short period of time by combining the acoustic characteristics of rooms previously taken together with the personal physical characteristics.

Mobility and compatibility with multiple sources

This technology can be implemented in applications for smartphones or other mobile devices. This way users can enjoy anywhere on an audio experience with locating images through headphones.

In addition, it supports audio sources high resolution and can process any audio signal as a source of high resolution. You can also play stereo and multichannel audio sources, allowing playback of a three-dimensional sound field using headphones in a home cinema room or virtual reality environment, among other types of space.

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