It combines the ability to reach global audiences, centrally manage all screens and add video workflows from any location via a network infrastructure.

Haivision Media Platform is an end-to-end solution that offers streaming of live corporate events, IPTV and team collaboration. It combines the ability to reach global audiences, centrally manage any type screens and add video workflows from any location via any network.

Based on Calypso system technology, enterprise video platform is available in three editions: Enterprise Edition, Site Edition and Haivision Media Platform for team collaboration.

The first is designed for organizations with multiple offices who want to reach all employees worldwide a harmonized media experience for live events and on-demand content.

Haivision Media Platform Site Edition is ideal for managing and distributing centrally IPTV with corporate content live and on demand on all screens of a facility, including auditoriums, lobbies, lounges and conference areas.

Editing for collaboration helps research teams to record, analyze and review multiple video sources including usability testing, focus groups, skills assessment, simulations, event analysis, training and education.

Haivision Media Platform offers enterprise workflow video end-to-end, Hybrid Premise / cloud and ecdn, administrative control and display groups, remote contribution, security and end-to-end.

This platform provides video workflows live low-latency from the source to the display. Ranging from Haivision encoders to digital television headers third, the ecdn Haivision until browsers, mobile applications Haivision Play and decoders centralized management.

Haivision simplified approach, whose products are distributed in Spain by the wholesaler TechEx, Leverages distribution options Local video and cloud infrastructure to suit any organization network.

Also it adapts the experience of media to each viewer and provides centralized management screens for public viewing areas and groups.

Haivision Media Platform helps organizations to broadcast live events and presentations from anywhere thanks to its SRT technology (Secure Reliable Transport). With just an Internet connection, organizations can broadcast an event live in safe, high quality and low latency from any remote office, conference room or external location.

128/256 AES encryption and support for Active Directory, LDAP and SSO ensure that employees only have access to the videos they need and that the content is protected from viewing, copying and unauthorized redistribution.

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By • 11 Apr, 2017
• Section: AV Conferencing, Distribution signals, Networks, Streaming Media

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