With sizes ranging from 5.7 to 55 inches, these touch screens are suitable for many applications, ranging from integration into ATMs and gaming machines to digital kiosks and outlets in many sectors.

Visual systems manufacturer Alpha Displayrepresented in Spain, Portugal and Chile by Anatronic, It has introduced a full range of projected capacitive touch monitors (PCAP), already available in the market through this distributor, with sizes ranging from 5.7 to 55 "for use in multiple systems and environments.

These touch screens, structured film to film with glass cover, characterized in design for their coverage and peculiar black border (with thickness up to 6 mm), and technologically by offering detection screen to ten touches the once, supporting Windows, Android and Linux.

The range offers numerous options, such as bar (stretched LCD) type monitors and white side and black border (cover glass milky bar) and other custom designs to suit the requirements of each project and sector, such as industry, transport, retail , etc..

The PCAP technology benefits from a sensor network that allows more accurately calculate the position of contact on the screen and is compatible with multi-touch functionality and detection of gestures.

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By • 8 May, 2017
• Section: Display, Business

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