The Arec KL-3W unit is an all-in-one equipped with an LCD screen 7-inch hard drive 1 TB WiFi router with three antennas to capture, mix, record and transmit up to three video sources Full HD .

Manufacturer ARECSpecializing in solutions for capturing, recording and broadcast live online audiovisual content, it has introduced its first portable media station: KL-3W, available in the Iberian market through Avit Vision; a lightweight unit, portable all in one that allows you to capture, switching, mixing, broadcast and record live events in a simple and efficient manner.

This device is equipped with an LCD 7-inch screen that acts as a monitor, local hard disk 1TB and WiFi router with three antennas to receive the signal up to two wireless cameras and a wireless microphone, which allows users to create and broadcast videos high quality without having professional skills.

AREC KL-3W supports capture up to three video sources Full HD via HDMI / VGA / RJ45 at the same time as it is compatible with network cameras, laptops, PCs and any VGA / HDMI digital input which is being displayed some content, such as presentations or videos, and can create up to four videos with synchronized recording.

In this way, the computer can store and transmit the original individual signals of an event, the three sources, plus an image composition with three integrated in a combined video signals. In addition, this unit can mix audio from HDMI, stereo audio jack and wireless microphone Arec.

Managing broadcast and production is done through AREC Online Director and the new application for iPad tablets Arec Action !, which lets you select and mix multiple cameras and digital content sources.

In addition to this system, Arec also presented the media station LS-300 (both available on the market next June) that unlike previous no account or LCD WiFi router, but keeps the rest of the features techniques.

Meanwhile, the new average stations Arec MS-650 (with 1TB) and MS-550 (no internal disk) capture, edit and store simultaneously four streams 1080p, are capable of transmitting a video with the combined signals, already available in the Iberian market.

Arec también ha presentado tres cámaras para redes IP -modelos CI-218 (Full HD y zoom x18); CI-430 (Full HD y zoom x30), y CI-303 (Full HD y zoom x3)- que complementan la solución de seguimiento automático del fabricante, formada por TP-100, que puede moverse horizontal y verticalmente de forma automática para seguir al orador y mantenerlo encuadrado en todo momento durante la captura de vídeo, y AM-600, un posicionador con micrófono incorporado que lleva el orador al cuello para que el sistema de seguimiento opere incluso cuando este de espaldas al mismo.

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By • 18 May, 2017
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