Arec LS-US2 AVIT Vision

The new version of LS-US2, a compact equipment of Arec for capture, mixture, commutation, live recording and streaming, now incorporates NDI-DX to transfer both audio and video over IP.

The Taiwanese manufacturer Arec, whose solutions are available in Spain through AVIT Vision, has included technology NDI-HX in your model LS-US2N, so that it is now possible to take the signal from a computer over the network, mix it with USB or IP cameras and transmit it to any platform RTMP (YouTube, Wowza and Vimeo), or VCMS Integrated (Panopto, Kaltura and Opencast).

Arec LS-US2 AVIT Vision

Thanks to the integration of NDI-HX LS-US2N can also be used in video conferencing applications, like a webcam, no need for converters with the installation of NDI Tools and selecting this device as a video source.

Arec LS-US2N is a compact all-in-one media station that supports capturing two video sources Full HD, commutation, mixture, simultaneous live recording and broadcasting, making it easier for teachers, presenters and users in general the creation and broadcast of a conference or a video through the Internet.

Main features of LS-US2N

  • Diseño compacto y todo en uno fácil de usar-
  • Permite la mezcla, commutation, recording and live streaming from two sources, USB and network.
  • Admite resolución Full HD de 1.080p, USB speakers, pantallas táctiles interactivas, Etc.
  • Fácil gestión para añadir imágenes de fondo, superposiciones y cambiar los diseños para crear vídeos de conferencias y formación personalizados y profesionales.
  • Transmisión de vídeos mixtos (con señal procedente de dos fuentes) en dos plataformas simultáneamente.
  • Includes video manager utility for remote management of videos on the drive.
  • Integración con los sistemas de gestión de vídeo Panopto, Kaltura and Opencast.

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