The new 84-inch touch table is installed has a ZyBrid sensor and an impact-resistant glass. With it, visitors can design, customize and launch modules of space stations of their own creation.


The National Museum of Air and Space Smithsonian (National Air and Space Museum - NASM) in Washington showcases the world's aircraft and spacecraft largest collection, welcoming 6.7 million visitors annually, making it the fifth most visited museum in the world.
In the discussion which has recently been opened it is in use sensor Zytronic for 84-inch touch table that has been renovated.

Ideum the company has been responsible for updating one of the most used elements audiovisual museum: an interactive table that allows visitors to design, customize and launch modules of space stations of their own creation.

"The Smithsonian was looking for an upgrade to its AV solution. We made some small improvements in the interface and improve the software, but the best renovation was to change the display of an optical touch table based on projection, a reliable, robust and very sensitive to touch touch table, "explains Jim Spadaccini, founder of Ideum, Jim Spadaccini.


Ideum designed a touch table 84 inches and chose to use the touch sensor Zytronic ZyBrid that could be constructed according to specifications, and to provide the necessary to support the simultaneous use of up to six visitors multitouch capabilities.

This visual device was designed with an anti-glare etched glass, thermally toughened 6 mm thick, which provides a combination of interactivity and impact resistance; while the table was made of coated aluminum powder to achieve durability.

To support the new hardware configuration, software Ideum also redesigned and included a number of key interactive elements. These allow once users complete their space station modules can throw virtually showing the final product in the center of the table. They can also email a representation of the final product to family and friends.


This is the third touch table Colossus recently deployed by Ideum a Smithsonian museum. Similar tables are currently in use at the National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian (National Museum of the American Indian - NMAI) in Washington and the Cooper Hewitt (Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum) in New York.

In all cases, the multi-touch interactivity enabled by Zytronic is used to attract visitors and provide reliable and low maintenance solution. This touch technology offers visitors a way to interact with the exhibits and reinforces learning through practical participation.

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By • 22 Jun, 2017
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