En la Escuela de Administración se ha rediseñado una sala que puede acoger hasta a 35 estudiantes en cinco estaciones de trabajo. Y en el centro de la instalación se han implementado pantallas Panasonic TH-43LFE8 de 43 pulgadas, junto con hubs inalámbricos Kramer Via Connect Pro. En la instalación se ha conservado el atril, un proyector Panasonic PT-RZ570 y el sistema de control AMX.

School of Management at the University of Lancaster is building a new complex of buildings and because not be completed until 2019, meanwhile is reconsidering the distribution of their classrooms. In addition to searching for ways to increase the technological equipment of the center.

The university wanted to find a collaborative solution, but this should be integrated into the existing educational space, maintaining the current lectern, projector (Panasonic PT-RZ570) and the control system AMX.

"We examined several options for some time wireless presentation. The general opinion is that students' expectations are changing and that the possibility of offering a learning experience more active and personalized will, in the future, an important way of imparting the lessons look, "said David Neal, coordinator educational space in Lancaster.

Working closely with Pure AV integrator, the result is a room that can accommodate up to 35 students in five workstations. And in the center of the facility they have been implemented Panasonic TH-43LFE8 screens 43 inches, along with wireless hubs Kramer Via Connect Pro. This distribution allows students to easily work together and connect to the screen with their own devices, whether laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

With this solution, collaboration is encouraged as students can work together and share files instantly between team members, showing the contents of your device on the screen. Via Kramer allows the user to continue accessing the Web when connected to the network to double the screen of your device. An important requirement the School of Management and an aspect that other options considered by the University had failed to solve.

With its slim and compact design edge, displays help viewers to focus on the displayed image. The LFE8 series supports a total of 59 different input signals, which makes it ideal for this collaborative workspace and meetings where content can be used in a variety of different formats.

El sistema ofrece, tanto al profesor como a los estudiantes, mucha flexibilidad y una gran cantidad de opciones para gestionar y mostrar el contenido. Se ha mantenido el actual sistema de control de la sala y se ha añadido el nuevo sistema de colaboración Kramer Via, que ofrece conectividad para dispositivos inalámbricos. La conmutación de suministro local y el control de la visualización, por su parte, se consiguen utilizando un pad de control para el botón AMX.

To help users navigate the system, the desks are color coded. The control panel has a page specific collaboration and is programmed to ensure that the user can select the room and share content on screens with a few clicks of a button.

Users can also capture screen content and display groups in the main projector so that everyone can see, creating a flexible display and compare the work with the rest of the group system.

The University is planning future installations based on the same distribution and will soon install a second.

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By • 11 Jul, 2017
• Section: Control, Display, Distribution signals, Training, Projection

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