For two days, the capital of the Costa del Sol became the European capital of virtual, augmented, mixed reality, eSports and gaming thanks to ORV17. The main conclusion of this forum, pioneer in Spain, is that these new technologies are in their infancy, there continue to experiment and take many years to achieve optimization.


After the success achieved in the first edition of the Observatory of Virtual Reality (ORV) In the Digital Content Polo Malaga, just completed, it has announced the second edition next on 18 and 19 July 2018 year.

The main conclusion of this forum, pioneer in Spain and organized by Medina Middle with Panorama Audiovisual as media partner, is that these new technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360, eSports and video games) are in their infancy, there continue to experiment and take many years to achieve optimization.

Observatory Virtual Reality 2017 has offered an overview of the current and future state of virtual and augmented, video games actually eSports, offering glasses, cameras and game consoles, training, platforms, content and application in sectors such as tourism, education, leisure and culture, among others.

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There have been a total of two days to listen and carry out contacts with industry experts, audiovisual producers, ICT professionals, managers of multinationals, 360 entrepreneurs, students and educators from all areas involved in this new industry.

The dynamics presented by the Observatory of Virtual Reality have included, among other options, lectures, presentations, demonstrations and the possibility of making networking with professionals from some of the leading companies in the sector

Observatory virtual reality malaga2017

Development of the event

On the opening day, Óscar Hormigos, founder of The App Date, Opened the presentations of the congress with a detailed review of the panorama of virtual reality in the world and in Spain, highlighting the current boom and anticipating that there will be in 2020 100 million users of VR in the world, which will eventually generate a figure business to reach almost 12,000 million.

Then Alberto Ruiz, CTO and founder of 3in-TechHe showed in plenary an x-ray in their current situation and prospects. He noted that a high percentage of AR projects are currently related to advertising and marketing, while the future will be the game that monopolize the highest percentage of investment actually increased.


As a mixed reality is concerned, the technical evangelist for technology development MicrosoftAlejandro Campos, stressed in his speech that between physical and digital realities, mixed reality offers the possibility that it is the operating system which helps the user to move in a physical world interacting with digital elements.

In his speech Elena Blanes, of Steg, Introduced attendees in the gaming industry, which is currently the economic locomotive of the sector; while Francisco Asensi of Tarkinia described the current growing panorama of this sector after showing its evolution and indicated that it will continue growing rapidly and getting more attention and investment by technology clusters.


Practical cases

The afternoon of the first day was the turn of the leading companies in the VR. Starting by New Horizons VR with its CEO Edgar Martin-Blas showed attendees the 'journey' from the first steps to its current successful situation in which they are a reference company for some of the world's leading brands.

Cases on the use of streaming VR carried out by David Mancebo, CEO Winkle360 presented to the audience two major projects: the broadcast of the final of the Champions League and the final of the 'Velvet' series of Atresmedia in VR.

The final stretch of the first day was aimed at showing VR applications in the world of tourism. With Opossum could understand the environment recreated from 0 3D wall of Melilla, which has infinite possibilities of interaction. While Manuel Lara, director of digital marketing for Costa del Sol, showed its 360 and VR applications to attract new tourism and showed his fantastic results after a full year with the initiative.

Observatory virtual reality malaga2017

The project of GoogleIn collaboration with the Junta de Andalucía'Wonders of Andalusia' was presented by Antonio J. Lucas. An initiative that allows live an immersive experience 360 ​​closed the afternoon session and the thematic block dedicated to VR applications focused on the tourism sector.

For its part, Sngualar, Hand creative director of the DKC (Digital Key Competency) Adriano Pérez, shared with those attending the Observatory Virtual Reality project experience with companies such as BBVA, Prosegur or Alvic in which they were provided advantages over their competitors by virtual and mixed reality.

Xavi Conesa Visyon, Virtual reality companies in Catalonia, explained the return that these technologies have with society. He chose the ORV17 to the premiere of his latest international project, which has just premiered in London.

ORV 17 eSports

Conesa disaggregate the social innovation program Visyon encompasses four sectors: health and medical research, social services, education and climate change. He focused his presentation on empathy generated by their projects, such as cause increased awareness of dementia in the UK.

These days put their closing with the presentation of the researcher Cristina Urdiales on augmented reality and especially with young people who participated in the first edition of hackhaton the ORV17, trying to design in record time the best application using the technologies presented at the Observatory.


New VR and AR

Among the novelties presented at the Observatory of Virtual Reality is the camera Ozo NokiaWhich occupies an important place in the networking area for exclusive demonstrations for professionals.

Their participation was also felt in the statement made by Álvaro Villegas, director in Spain Bell LabsDuring the second day, which showed how the entire ecosystem around these technologies is mixed in what they call 'Reality Distributed', a concept that encompasses a technology aimed at changing the reality of the human being.

Nokia Ozo

Samsung He offered a significant deployment of virtual reality technology, with two rooms equipped with the Gear VR, where attendees could enjoy their VR applications. This company offered attendees three experiences with VR glasses, including created exclusively with singer Pablo Alboran.

Samsung's contribution to ORV17 closed with the presentation of the First Academic Guide Virtual Reality. Set up in collaboration with the Master of Creative Documentary at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), It is the first academic guide virtual reality of Spain.

The publication is intended for filmmakers interested in entering the world of RV, but can also be a useful source of information for anyone interested in this new technology.

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