The new Megastore at Camp Nou offers Barça fans an audiovisual experience, supported by an LED display of 16 meters supplied by Leddream, that immerses them in the blue-green spirit through the contents and audio of TMTFactory. This is supported by a 3D videomapping that is suspended from the ceiling.

Leddream screen Megastore FCBarcelona

Customers entering the new FCBarcelona Megastore, inaugurated at the end of last December at the Camp Nou, they are received by a large LED screen that immerses them with their enveloping images in a digital environment that is complemented by a 3D videomapping that is projected on the Chandelier, which presides over the traditional stands in the form of a stadium. A digital experience that has been realized between Leddream and TMTFactory.

The new Megastore wants to give a more technological and digital vision, with custom services that convert the 2.100 square meters, spread over three floors, in the best store of fcBarcelona and in the first Nike store in the world by turnover.

Leddream screen Megastore FCBarcelona

With their 16 metre, indoor LED display, that has been supplied and installed by Leddream, is one of the largest in Europe. In the form of an ellipse and equipped with Black LED Pixel Pitch technology 4,81 Mm, view the contents in 4K with a resolution higher than Full HD (3120 X 312 Pixels). These contents, as well as audio are supplied by TMTFactory.

Dynamic and 3D content

The immersive feeling offered by this LED screen continues through the so-called Chandelier, that is fastened from the highest point of the store. This is formed by different translucent glass elements that are dropped through space and receive the light impact of four projectors of high luminosity, supplied and installed by Leddream. These allow to project on both sides of the glass a corporate videomapping that shows the anthem of Barça and a rain effect of confetis azulgranas.

Chandelier Megastore FCBarcelona

The spectacular dynamic contents, created by TMTFactory, show player statistics, Nike promotions, spectacular goals, next days, unpublished images of the club...

TMTFactory also programs the synchronization of these contents with those of the Chandelier, created by Mr. Beam, bringing this feeling of unity and spectacularity that we discussed earlier. The project is managed by Broadsign software, that in addition to the synchronization allows a constant control of the state of the screen and the projectors.

Chandelier Megastore FCBarcelona

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