Designed by the Agency UM and Clear Channel, Tous jewelry has created an interactive experience in the heart of Barcelona with a large Christmas tree decorated with 41 lineal meters of LED display screen type mesh Enterprise Solvolansled21 projected messages, congratulations and wishes of citizens in real time.

Solvolansled21 tree Christmas Tous

On the occasion of the Christmas, Tous jewelry has wanted this year make a different proposal which, in addition to fourteen trees decorate the main streets of Barcelona, he has created for the first time a great interactive experience: a Christmas tree of more than 16 meters high located in Portal de l' Àngel, the busiest area of the city during this period.

Although is not a tree of Christmas to use, since it has 41 lineal meters of Led display screen type mesh in which projected messages, congratulations and wishes of the people who sent them from their mobile devices in real time.

Solvolansled21 tree Christmas TousThe development of this experience, which goes under the motto 'Tous illuminates your desires', has counted for your design with the collaboration of the media agency UM and the outdoor advertising company Clear Channel, as well as with the technology of Solvolansled21.

The implementation of the project has been a challenge, since the great difficulty of this project lies in the non-uniformity of the tree, which makes this a unique project with constant adjustments on the field.

Solvolansled21 tree Christmas TousIn this sense, the Solvolansled21 Engineering Department had to create a 'pliable' product to adapt it to the physiognomy of the tree in each of its sections, in addition to design large metal structures (the lower part of the tree has a length of almost 20 meters and crowning more than 6 metres) to support the Led screens type mesh and integrate them inside of it.

This action of interactive experience and marketing digital not limited only to people who walk through the Portal de l' Àngel Barcelonès and want to send your holiday wishes in real-time from any platform (PC, smartphone, tablet) to be displayed on the Led screens that surround this unique tree, but also you can send and display from anywhere thanks to the addition of a webcam that allows you to follow everything that happens around the same.

Christmas congratulations and the messages can be sent both from the page web created for this purpose or via Twitter under the hashtag #merrytous.

Solvolansled21 tree Christmas Tous

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By • 19 Dec, 2014
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