The retailer Brookstone has released a small rechargeable peak-projector equipped with HDMI that uses an 85 lumenled LED light source and DLP technology to display sharp HD images in resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and up to 60 inches.

Brookstone, a multi-channel retailer, has unveiled the Brookstone HDMI pocket projector, a rechargeable, portable device that projects presentations, movies and games with a crisp image up to 60 inches in any flat surface. The new HDMI pocket projector uses an 85 lumens LED light source and advanced DLP technology to deliver a bright and clear 1080p HD image. Two one-watt speakers play the accompanying audio, both through the HDMI connection and a standard headphone jack. The 3500mAh battery lasts two hours, and also allows 5V USB charging from the devices to which it is connected.

Portability with performance

This peak projector is powered by Texas Instrument's DLP technology, the same technology as the world's largest projectors, except that it is now optimized to fit a smaller size. Combining a bright LED light source, fully integrated speakers, and built-in battery power, Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones or tablets immediately transform into a crisp high-definition viewing experience. Thus, it is possible to get the most out of all HDMI-compatible devices by connecting to a computer, a video player, a video game console, a digital camera...

With an integrated battery life of more than two hours, content, audio, movies and games are truly portable. The Brookstone HDMI pocket projector offers the same brightness and detail when running with the battery as when plugged in.

High definition everywhere

Debido a que el proyector de bolsillo HDMI Brookstone no sacrifica el rendimiento con su portabilidad, puede proporcionar una experiencia visual nítida y de alta definición en una gran variedad de situaciones. En entornos corporativos, este pico proyector es ideal para el viajero de negocios que tiene que realizar una presentación sobre cualquier superficie con poco tiempo de preparación.

Steve Schwartz, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Brookstone, said, "Brookstone is committed to working with technology leaders to design and bring innovative solutions to market to improve our daily lives. The new HDMI pocket projector is based on Brookstone's line of high-quality high-tech solutions for business and entertainment."

Frank Moizio, manager of DLP Pico Business at Texas Instruments, said, "We are tremendously excited to collaborate again with Brookstone to bring this HDMI pocket projector to market. Due to its incredibly small size and great image quality, you can buy it for work and take it home to play."

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By • 25 Jun, 2012
• Section: Projection