Soundcraft has unveiled at NAMM 2013, the annual fair of manufacturers of musical products, held from 24 to 27 January in Anaheim (California, USA), the new digital console if Expression, designed for those looking for a mixing board Professional at an affordable price.


SoundcraftFlag belonging to the group Harman distributed in Spain by Earpro, ha presentado en la feria NAMM Show 2013 la gama de consolas digitales Si Expression, considerada como la consola digital más avanzada en la categoría de precios bajos. Disponible en tres tamaños, Si Expression 1, 2 y 3 ofrecen 16, 24 y 32 faders y entradas de micrófono, respectivamente. Las tres son capaces de alojar hasta 66 entradas para mezclar mediante la conexión de cualquier stagebox Soundcraft incluidos los dos nuevos Mini Stagebox 16 y 32 (16 x 8 y 32 x 16) lanzados también en la feria o mediante la conexión de entradas adicionales sobre MADI o AES/EBU. Todas las entradas externas son adicionales a las conexiones en el propio escritorio.

Con el auténtico estilo Soundcraft, la mesa de mezclas se carga con el procesamiento estándar presente en los modelos de Harman BSS, dbx, Lexicon y Studer y muchas características profesionales de gama alta, como una pantalla táctil en color, control remoto iPad ViSi y Soundcraft FaderGlow, adoptada de las consolas de gran formato de la serie Vi de Soundcraft. FaderGlow es una tecnología patentada que ilumina automáticamente faders específicos en diferentes colores de acuerdo a su asignación, lo que permite al usuario centrarse en la mezcla, y no en dónde podrían estar las señales.

A very powerful DSP engine provides EQ parametric 4-band, delays, doors and compressors at each entrance, graphic equalizer, parametric and 30 bands, compressors and delays on all outputs, as well as four Lexicon stereo effects devices, all of them are able to be used at the same time, unlike most of the consoles of this kind. Soundcraft ViSi Remote allows the remote control of the console from an iPad. Layers of assignable faders freely allow inputs and outputs in any place in any layer, optimizing the mix from the most important channels control.

Historic landmark

Andy Trott, Vice President and general manager of Soundcraft and Studer, said that this is one of the most interesting novelties in his 10 years at the forefront of business of mixers from Harman. "Soundcraft at this low price is a departure from tradition for us. The If Expression is based on a new setting up a bridge with ranges if Compact and if Performer and is located in a brand new price for Soundcraft, making it a very attractive product for those seeking a professional console at an affordable price . Other companies will continue producing cheap blenders, but we make mixers, professional, high quality and easy to use with the same price range that makes the customer decision", he said.

The console has a wide range of network cards and professional features and optional, the most recent of which is the BSS BLU Link card, which enables simple and automatic connection to Control Personal dbx PMC16 system.

If Expression has been designed for all applications of mixture ranging from bands, performances, shows, installations, audiovisual companies and tours and theatres to churches and educational infrastructures.

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By • 25 Jan, 2013
• Section: Audio