Developed by a team of engineers from the University of Tokyo, AquaTop Display is a projection system that uses water as an interactive display, allowing users to get their hands "inside the screen" and experience a different feeling.

Aquatop Display

Presented in the latest edition of the Siggraph 2013 computer graphics conference, AquaTop Display is a projection system developed by engineers from Tokyo's University of Electronic Communications, specifically the Koike Lab, which it offers an interaction like that of a traditional interactive display, but on the water.

Aquatop DisplayAquaTop display allows you to project different contents, from spreadsheets or email to movies or games using water as a surface, although the water is covered with opaque dust and uses a depth sensor and a camera based on Microsoft Kinect to detect the movements the user makes over the water.

One of its innovations is that AquaTop Display has a dedicated operating system to recognize the touch movements of the user, both on the surface of the water and within it, so that it is possible to put your hands in the water to drag an image with the "drag and drop water" function or remove it by sinking the hand on the object reflected in it.

Aquatop DisplayThe system also features two water-resistant speakers and a computer that controls the camera with Kinect sensor and infrared, the projector and water pigmentation (which turns white) to control hand movement, and even add a Led lighting system.

Por el momento, AquaTop Display es un prototipo, si bien nuevos desarrollos para integrar interfaces de usuario más intuitivas e inmersivas auguran su pronta comercialización en el mercado.

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By • 19 Aug, 2013
• Section: Display, Projection