The platform 3Dexperiencie of Dassault Systèmes, Solidworks, the U.S. team has created its new bobsled Night Train 2, which will run at the winter games in Sochi to get the gold medal.

Dassault Solidworks Night Train 2 for Sochi 2014

3D design software of Dassault Systèmes It has been used to create the sleigh (bobsled) for four people (Night Train 2) who will compete for gold at the winter games in Sochi Russia 2014.

The project Bo-Dyn Bobsled It responds to the desire of the veteran and champion of the Nascar Geoff Bodine, he decided to build a sled made in America and that your country ensure a place on the podium. After seeing how the United States team was forced to use the sleds that had ruled out the Europeans in the 1992 Winter Olympics, Bodine applied all his know-how of competition at high speed with the capabilities of design engineering of Bob Cuneo to create a new generation of sleds.

Dassault Solidworks Night Train 2 for Sochi 2014The result of this collaboration was the design of a new sled, Night Train, with which the American team in 2010 managed to win Olympic medal for the first time in 62 years and which will compete this Sunday February 23 in Sochi.

The design team opted for the Solidworks application, based on the platform of Dassault Systèmes 3Dexperiencie, to create a faster sled that challenges of the Sochi games. These sleighs speeds often exceed 90 miles per hour and the races are won by hundredths of a second.

Bobsled design with SolidworksAware of the challenges posed to lower increasingly faster times in competition and the strict official rules, Bodine knew that the design tool 3D which used for the first generation of Night Train would not be enough to build the fastest sled of the world.

The original aerodynamics of the sled had been optimized to adjust to the fast the circuitry of Vancouver (Canada) where the competition was held in 2010. The circuit of the Sochi games, however, includes three difficult sections in slope that require precise handling to get the maximum speed on the route of the curves.

"Solidworks helps us to design the new sled using lighter materials and create multiple prototypes in 3D on the computer until we got the result we wanted, before you start to build and manufacture", says Geoff Bodine, Bo-Dyn Bobsled Proect.

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By • 20 Feb, 2014
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