PIT24, a young company based in Córdoba that manages an extensive network of tourist information points 24 × 7 in Andalusian cities and railway stations, has entrusted the management of their systems software Icon Deneva.cuatro Multimedia Platform.

PIT24 Icon Multimedia

Developed by the Andalusian company tourist information points PIT24 They offer a unique system in Europe, with uninterrupted activity 24 × 7, widescreen HD 46 '' connected to an integrated computer to display promotional videos, banners, etc. at the time which allows visitors to purchase guides informative and merchandising.

Located in the town centre and network stations, points of information PIT24 offer an advertising medium in various formats that are proving very profitable as a means of advertising and visual communication. The imaging system, located inside of the ADIF in Cordoba station has the Multimedia Icon Deneva.cuatro software.

The entire system is supported through a web portal, which currently receives over 150,000 visitors per month with advertising and content developed for each company.

PIT incorporate a geolocation system, so when the tourist is in an area of tourist information points you receive a message in your mobile phone's exact location to the nearest PIT through the Foursquare application.

Another benefit to visitors and tourists is that next to the tourist information point is offered free WiFi for twenty minutes, from which you can buy extra minutes paying directly at the device. In addition, these systems also equipped four dispensers specific merchandising products of the city in which they are, such as a typical product of the Earth, a book, t-shirt and souvenir of the city.

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By • 27 Feb, 2014
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Business, dynamic Advertising