MA2030 and PA2030 of Yamaha amplifiers incorporate DSP effects, to improve the playback of the music and the sound of microphones, flexible equalization functions, and support for low and high impedance speaker systems.

Yamaha MA2030

Thanks to its easy and quick setup and management simple and intuitive, MA2030 and PA2030 amplifiers of Yamaha they are suitable for use in commercial installations. Both models combine a simple construction with flexible and efficient performance.

Yamaha MA2030 PA2030The MA2030 amplifier provides ability to mix two channels and EQ (bass/treble) from the sound source, as well as some of the cutting-edge DSP (digital signal processing) technologies that incorporate the highest professional audio equipment of range of Yamaha.

Whether to play background music in a café, pub or restaurant, to amplify a microphone in a conference room, or for similar applications, the MA2030 and the PA2030 are compact as well as powerful tools that help you get the best sound in any commercial environment. These Yamaha kits are designed for daily use without complications.

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By • 8 Sep, 2014
• Section: accessories, Audio