LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD are the new monitors 27 '' LCD Full HD developed by Sony for surgery and microsurgery, which incorporate the OptiContrast technology, which offers less glare and display quality even in high ambient lighting conditions .

Sony LMD2765MD

Sony presented the world monitors LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD for the medical environment, particularly for surgery. It's a teams more slender, compact and brighter than other systems for this type of applications available currently on the market.

The LMD-2765MD and LMD-2760MD, models that produce video images in color quality Full HD cameras endoscopic and laparoscopic and other medical systems of compatible image capture, are unique monitors for surgery so far in the market equipped with OptiContrast, which reduces internal and external reflections to optimize the contrast of the image and provides surgeons and surgical staff an excellent display during operations.

With a modern frontal glass rimless design, these monitors have a 27″ (69 cm.), a narrow frame display, a robust aluminum housing and a removable cover on the back to hide the connectors and manage cables effectively. In addition, they can be easily cleaned with cleaning solutions in common use for infection control.

These monitors also can be installed is without problems on a robot arm or on a medical Cart. The front of the monitor is splash-resistant and has a protection against water and dust IPX5 rating, while the rest of side boast a score IPX2, sufficient for routine cleaning and protection.

Both teams have a backlit control panel and intuitive that it works with just press a few keys and featuring an innovative capability that only lights up the buttons that you can select. Thus, inexperienced users can change parameters quickly and efficiently, allowing you to save time and stress in intense environment of an actual surgery.

Sony LMD2765MDFlexible working is enhanced with a wide variety of display capabilities using PIP/POP image modes, to adapt to the needs of clinical display. Duplicate and image rotation functions also contribute to this last aspect.

Model LMD-2760MD provides digital video input connectivity, while the LMD-2765MD monitor provides both digital and analog interfaces for improved compatibility with a wide range of HD and SD image sources.

Available in November 2014, both monitors incorporate advanced image processing technology A. I. M. E., which allows you to accentuate the colour and structure of independent video image to provide image analysis functions in real time according to the preference of the surgeon.

For John Herman, head of medical marketing for surgery at Sony Europe, "monitors for LMD-2765MD and Sony LMD-2760MD surgery set a new standard in display in operating theatres. «27 "Full HD screens provide surgeons not only images larger, but, due to its design with glass without edges, these models are thinner and more compact than any other monitor for surgery available currently on the market *».

Sony will present these two new monitors at Medica fair (stand 10 H 57), to be held in the German city of Dusseldorf from 12 to 15 of the next month of November.

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By • 1 Oct, 2014
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