Integrated line line B8, 21.5 "Philips 221B8 monitor ensures clear viewing experience, while the 243S5 with its 23.6" offers an optimal combination of performance and ergonomics.

Philips 221B8 and 243S5

MMD It has unveiled the latest models of display Full HD of Philipsthe 221B8 and the 243S5. The first ensures vivid colors and a great detail to help increase productivity during the workday; While the second is intended for when you need a larger area of vision, combining an efficient 23.6 inch screen with ecological characteristics.

Philips 221B8The new Philips 221B8 monitor includes the SmartImage technology, which continually analyzes the content reproduced by screen to optimize its performance. 21.5 '' TFT-LCD screen incorporates the Flicker-Free and W-Led backlight to adjust brightness and reduce eye fatigue, while for a more natural and realistic images SmartContrast technology automatically adjusts the colours and controls the intensity of the backlight, improving contrast tone rich and dark in videos, games, photos and images.

Philips LowBlue mode reduces the shortwave blue light rays produced by Led screens, avoiding the potential harm in the view with the passage of time.

The 221B8 focused on ergonomics, has features like reading experience in role of EasyRead mode and the flexibility provided by the SmartErgoBase, a base of special monitor that makes easier the setting of height, tilt, swing and rotation the screen to fit any preference and individual needs.

Greater surface area and duration

Philips 243S5The Philips 243S5 is a durable monitor that provides optimal image quality thanks to the colours of your TFT-LCD screen without mercury and SmartContrast technology.

It is designed with everything you need to be productive from the first moment, with a compact design to save space, which in turn provides a broad vision of 23.6 "experience Full HD.

Your choice of VESA mount offers a good solution in any environment where desktop space is limited.

Connectivity and functionality

Philips 243S5These two new monitors are equipped with a full range of options for digital and analog as the DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA ports. The 221B8 also includes DisplayPort 1.2, allowing the Daisy chaining of multiple devices. They also have an accessible headphone connector and two stereo speakers 2W integrated high quality, ideal for multimedia applications or communication.

The 221B8 belongs to line B8, which offers ecological monitors, from TN 22-inch screens to IPS panels of 27, resolutions of screen from Full HD to HD Quad with 1,074 billion colors, and fast-charging USB 3.0 ports.

For its part, the Philips 243S5 highlights some of the features of the renovated line S5, where ergonomic options with different ports turn/tilt/height settings and connections are also available.

Both lines of monitors share a sustainable design to minimize the environmental impact during the whole life cycle of the product, and helps companies reduce operational costs thanks to the compliance of the current energy standards and the energy-saving features.

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By • 14 May, 2018
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