The technological platform of home automation and smart cities, Smart City Plat, which has been recently approved by the Ministry of economy and competitiveness, will be presented by Secartys in Congress Smart City Expo & World Congress in Barcelona.

Smart City

The Spanish Association for the internationalization of companies in electronics, computing and telecommunications)Secartys) it has come with its own stand at the International Congress of intelligent cities, Smart City Expo & World Congressthat until November 20 is celebrating in the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue.

Secartys will take advantage of this event to present, the last day of the fair, Smart City Plat, the technological platform that aims to integrate across the value chain of the sector of home automation and smart cities (companies, system integrators, developers, (operators, technology centres, research centres, public management, end users...). This platform has been recently approved by the Ministry of economy and competitiveness, through the Secretariat of State for research, development and innovation.

Thanks to this platform, the different agents of the sector can share a common vision and define a strategic research agenda in order to accelerate the development and innovation in a harmonized way and to position the sector at the forefront worldwide.

In addition, also will present the book of the Cluster of home automation, building automation and Smart Cities)Domotys) "Smart City, smart management", the first on home automation and smart cities written by its associated companies.

Collaborative meeting

On the other hand, and with the aim of sharing technological developments in the smart cities, Secartys and cluster environment Domotys have organized the I Jornada Networking of companies of technologies and services for smart cities.

This event, which will take place on 2 December in Barcelona Activa (Barcelona technological park Nord) sponsored by the company AfeisaIt is intended to be a meeting drawing up proposals for collaborative projects among the different agents of the chain of value in the sector of smart cities.

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By • 19 Nov, 2014
• Section: Control, Events, infrastructures