5 is NEO and NEO 5 IP are new systems which Work Pro has added to its well-known series of installation loudspeakers so that workers have at their disposal a complete solution for all types of installations.

Work Pro NEO 5 is Equipson

The new speakers NEO is 5 and NEO 5 IP's Work Pro, professional audio brand of Equipsoncomplete this series of installation loudspeakers in order that professionals within systems NEO solution to all the requirements of any project, with benefits added as energy consumption optimization.

The NEO is 5 system, designed under an ecological energy saving philosophy, switches off automatically in the absence of audio signal input, reducing their consumption to less than 1W power.

Furthermore, NEO 5 IP, version waterproof or water-resistant of NEO 5 with IP65 protection, is a passive two-way loudspeaker designed for installations outside with total security, since it resists weather conditions such as rain and wind, indicated for professionals who need to design and integrate audio systems in medium-sized or large facilities such as terraces of premises, restaurants or hotels, urban complexes and leisure. Both systems are available in white and black for a better adaptation to the needs of each installation.

Work Pro NEO 5 IP EquipsonWith the addition of these new speakers, the company completed its NEO series, composed of five different types of passive loudspeakers, two assets of two way and an active subwoofer. These professional audio systems combine perfectly the sound quality with a compact design that facilitates their integration into a wide range of projects. Technically, these speakers are adapted facilities for low-impedance, as well as spaces with systems of 100V line, with a support especially created for this series that facilitates your mounting and orientation in both axes to cover all of the desired area.

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By • 4 Dec, 2014
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