Hybrid projectors laser light source BLU-escent DLA-VS2500 and VS2300 JVC DLA-present as a laser hybrid systems 3 chips designed specifically for simulation.

JVC DLA-VS2500 s DLA-VS2300

JVC It has added new models to its line of hybrid projectors laser light source BLU-escent. The DLA-VS2500ZG and DLA-VS2300ZG systems have been optimized to meet the requirements of simulation applications and critical monitoring.

Projectors used in simulation systems run continuously in long and uninterrupted periods, so it has always been a desire of this sector away from the projectors based light sources that use bulbs and replace them with projectors whose lighting devices originates in solid, more stable and responsive throughout its operational life state.

Projectors that use LED light sources are already on the market for some time, but the LED lighting used to sacrificing contrast ratio and quality of graphic images in general.

The DLA-VS2500 and VS2300 JVC DLA-models are presented as a hybrid laser projectors 3 chips designed specifically for simulation applications, and have been manufactured in accordance with FAA and ICAO Level D requirements.

JVC has paid special attention to the design of the new lighting system BLU-escent key element that allows to provide high performance and long life to the projector.

The BLU-escent JVC hybrid technology uses an array of blue laser diodes that provides the light beam which excites yellow phosphorus then applied to a rotating disk of aluminum reflective high speed. The yellow light is combined with blue light to create white light. It also is a friendly technology environment, as it is free of mercury.

The BLU-escent reduce the initial investment projectors acquisition of equipment and operation and maintenance costs, increasing operational life of the lighting system and the optical block.

New projectors, JVC has increased the brightness level, incorporating capacity automatic control and manual light intensity. It has also been improved and adapted colorimetry for the purposes of the great visual simulation.

The new light source also facilitates the installation position of the projector, allowing assembly in horizontal or vertical mode at any angle without the conditioning medium and long term in this field show projectors using lamps.

The DLA-VS2500 and VS2300 used DLA-3 D-ILA 0.7 inch 1920 x 1080 pixels. The first is equipped with the e-shift technology JVC, which shifts the image in steps of 0.5 pixels diagonally 120Hz, achieved a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. For its part, the DLA- VS2300 reaches a resolution of 1920 × 1080.

optional fixed These projectors are available with optical (DLA-VS2500G and DLA-VS2300G) and optical zoom built (DLA-VS2500ZG and DLA-VS2300ZG).

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By • 11 Dec, 2014
• Section: Projection, Simulation