Based on Microsoft technologies, Care & Comfort solution takes advantage of the Internet of Things (IoE) for the patients admitted in the hospital offer an intelligent system to keep in touch and communicate easily with the outside, and how it materialized with success at the University Hospital of Lille in France.

Care and Comfort Microsoft Hospital Lille

With the aim of improving the quality and service of admitted patients, hospital Universitario de Lille, located in the French town of the same name, has opted for an innovative solution of hospital intelligence (smart health) based in technologies of Microsoftin combination with the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoE - Internet of things) to improve the experience and comfort of more than 87,000 patients who attends annually, as well as the efficiency of the staff of the Centre.

For this project, the hospital asked the French specialist Care & Comfort to design a centralized, secure and scalable, solution based on intelligent multimedia terminals with Windows system, connected to the existing IT infrastructure (which includes servers with this operating system) and that integrate with technology owner and specialized, such as electronic medical records, images, systems of storage and communication, as well as on the media server.

Care and Comfort Microsoft Hospital Lille

Optimize care at foot of bed

This solution, called Care & Comfort, is based on a terminal located in the bed of the patients which connects to multiple sources of existing data in a secure and easy way, so that patients can communicate with the outside world, their beings headboards Dear, etc. While the health team has access to critical information from the patient.

The hospital has replaced telephones and televisions in the rooms to install these multimedia touch terminals. "We were very interested in providing services that could keep in contact patients with their families and even his work, something that usually a hospital does not offer, and when someone enters usually feel very only", explains Philippe Mayjonade, general coordinator of service the patient from the Hospital of Lille.

Care and Comfort Microsoft Hospital LilleAfter studying some proposals of suppliers in the market, responsible for the hospital chose Microsoft technology and the solution Care & Comfort, both for "her experience in the healthcare environment and its innovation, and because its Windows terminals" "Embedded could connect to existing infrastructure, and their systems SQL Server and SharePoint Server are running on the server from the Center", says Mayjonade.

In addition, this solution also integrated without problems and guarantees with the technology used by the hospital for its health work, such as systems of communication (PACS) of Siemens, images and medical files, the media server based on Linux, etc.

This intelligent system also takes advantage of the integrated capabilities of Windows Server, including Active Directory Domain Services for access based on roles to resources and services to install remotely the applications and configurations of the System. Patients can connect to services based on the Web, such as Skype, email, accounts see television and radio programmes or communicate with nurses.

As points of Care & Comfort, Sacha Devillers, international sales manager "the incorporation of new functions is also very simple, so I like to work with Microsoft's technology, as we can more easily integrate our terminals into an existing IT environment, as well as take advantage of the functionality of multilingual support. That is a real value when you have the staff and patients of multiple nationalities".

Care and Comfort Microsoft Hospital Lille

Improving doctor-patient communication

These tactile terminals have a separate interface for medical personnel (with access to the records of patients, medications, tests, etc.) and another for patients. When the latter admitted in the Hospital of Lille, are assigned a set of credentials that provides access to applications and the media, and its interface can be customized easily with the age, abilities and level of mobility that have.

The system allows you to create, share, and access the information of the patient by professionals, rather than taking notes and then transcribe them manually on an electronic system, to can complete the work directly from the head of the bed of the patient, which reduces the potential for errors and improve treatment options and the results of tests on screen.

In terms of satisfaction and experience of the patient during your income, also improves significantly as it designates Devillers, "this system opens communication between the medical staff and the patient, who gets a better experience of their stay and improve its" knowledge and security of what happens, since doctors informs on the spot across the screen of any doubt."

The project has been coordinated by communication solutions provider NextiraOne, que ha trabajado conjuntamente con los responsables de IT del Hospital de Lille y el equipo de Care & Comfort. Hasta la fecha, este centro ha instalado 1.928 terminales multimedia de cabecera y 653 televisiones con acceso a Internet. La siguiente fase de este proyecto contempla integración de aplicaciones y dispositivos médicos.

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