Projectors DLP 3-chip from Christie, along with its video Spyder X processor 20 have been technological in corporate events more highlights of Chile in recent months, carried out in the Centre of events space Riesco in Santiago, the hand of the company specialized in audiovisual engineering projection of Ideas (PI).

Christie and projection of Ideas NiallFerguson

The technological tandem between the specialist in display and projection systems Christie and audiovisual engineering Projection of Ideas (PI) has been a success in terms of the realization of corporate events referred to in Chile, headquarters of this latter company specialised in this kind of issues, large projections and fixtures that works exclusively with signature spotlights American.

So Marco Gajardo, CTO of projection of Ideas points out: "Christie 3-chip DLP projectors have excellent performance that allows us to work 24 × 7 with the team without any inconvenience. In resolution, adapt to any need that we present, being very versatile projectors for our projects. In addition, its internal software (Twist) provides us with a greater amount of tools at the time of making adjustments".

In recent months, this company has made outstanding Chile events that have taken place in the center of events space Riesco in Santiago with Christie projectors, such as those listed below.

Christie and projection of Ideas Banco Santander

Banco Santander's Convention

With the assistance of more than three hundred executives of this Spanish institution, Banco Santander Annual Convention in the capital of Chile had an impressive giant curved screen of proyección(80 metros de largo por 9 de alto) that surrounded the public installed by PI.

To do this, a Christie Roadie HD 35 k covered the central screen section, while two projectors Roadster HD20K-J dealt with the right side and, two other teams of the same model, from the left side, making blending and warping. All teams, which offered a total resolution of 9.600 × 1.080, were used in a horizontal position.

Christie Spyder X was also used a video processor 20 to projections incorporate the technique of picture in picture of multiple signals from closed circuit cameras; all coordinated by mamboPlayer, the average server developed by the projection of Ideas software engineering department.

Christie and projection of Ideas EntelSummit

Entel Summit

The seventh edition of the meeting of innovation, technology and business Entel Summit, whose theme this year was 'towards total connectivity', the presence of influential entrepreneur, technology investor and director of the MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito.

For events in this category, in which innovation must be present in each element, the staging is essential. For this reason, PI devised a shocking multiprojection with five screens that could watch videos created by this same company with 2D and motion graphics elements.

The screen Center, 20, 8 × 4, 5 meters, was lit by three projectors Christie Roadster HD20K-J which were warping and blending. The four side shields, with dimensions of 6, 10 × 4, 5 meters, complemented the scenery and were used for the visualization of the closed circuit cameras; each of them illuminated by a projector's model Roadster HD14K-M.

In this event, PI also used the processor Spyder X 20 and the media server mamboPlayer to compose live signals from CCTV, presentations and videos. Projections, which left surprised more than 1,300 attendees, supplemented with DMX lighting that interacted with the visuals on screen.

Christie and projection of Ideas NiallFerguson

Conference of Niall Ferguson

Considered one of the most important living historians of the world, Niall Ferguson participated in a conference organized by the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile.

Support to the Conference of Ferguson, projection of Ideas mounted a spectacular scenery made up of a central screen surface flat and sixteen panels made of semicircular shape, creating a total surface of projection of 32 × 5 meters that they showed four videos created by this audiovisual engineering with 2D elements, motion graphics and setting loops.

The central screen, with an area of 14, 93 x 4.40 meters, was lit by two projectors Christie Roadster HD20K-J by blending, while the side shields were used four Roadster HD14K-M, audiovisual content in the panels by means of the media server mamboPlayer, together with Spyder X 20 for the image processing.

Christie and projection of Ideas Sofofa

Sofofa business dinner

The annual dinner of the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Sofofa) is the most important business event of the year in Chile. In this latest edition, the event was attended by the President of the country, Michelle Bachelet, and more than 1,200 guests. For this Act, PI deployed a general display of flat surface of 54 × 5, 5 meters which were projected seven separate signals.

Content and videos, with elements of 3D and motion graphics created by PI, showed the trajectory of Sofofa since it started its activity, as well as material support with beautiful landscapes of Chile. The central section of the general screen had a Roadie HD 35 k, and two were used for each of the side sections HD14K-M Roadster and Roadster HD20K-J making blending and warping.

In addition, other two screens, 6, 10 × 3, settled 43 meters, to project the closed circuit cameras, each of which was lit by a 1 chip DLP projector Christie DHD800. Two processor units Spyder X 20 and four mamboPlayer guaranteed the perfection in the execution of the event.

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