Virtualware has installed at the Yubari restaurant a great interactive video wall that simulates a virtual aquarium, consisting of six vertical screens Full HD 85 "and equipped with the technology of artificial intelligence.

Videowall Virtualware Rte Yubari Barcelona

Barcelona Iwanai restaurant offers a new concept of Japanese cuisine, respecting its tradition and products, but with a contemporary touch that extends from the dishes to the local design.

Customers are transported to a culinary journey through the senses. All of this surrounded by an environment where attempted to portray Japanese culture but with some modernist touches, as evidenced by the video wall that presides over one of its walls and intends to create the effect of being a large aquarium.

Videowall restaurant Yubari Barcelona 2

This visualization solution has been installed by the company of Basauri Virtualware. It is a solution of display composed of six vertical 85-inch Full HD screens that occupies a wall 6 meters wide by 1.8 high.

This videowall simulates a virtual aquarium in which more than 25 different marine species within an underwater ecosystem that is reproduced by artificial intelligence can be seen. Through this technology Virtualware get the fish to behave randomly without a defined pattern, getting a more realistic effect.

In addition, another attraction of this huge mural is that customers can interact with fish playing the videowall screens built with 16 touches IR touch technology.

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By • 15 Jan, 2015
• Section: Study cases, Display, Augmented reality, Simulation