The range of displays for digital signage interactive CDS has a new 70-inch model, a robust touch equipment designed for public places where you want to convey powerful messages.

CDS screen DSI 70 inch

Crystal Display Systems)CDS) has expanded its catalog of interactive displays for digital signage (IDS) with a 70-inch model.

70 inch screen IDS completes the line of high-definition touch screens that are available in 32, 43, 46 and 55 inches. All these teams are available in version touch and multi touch, as well as having a module into a solution 'all in one'.

CDS screen DSI 70 inchThese IDS screens have been designed by CDS to install in public places for Out-of-Home applications where you want to transmit messages that have a strong impact on the audience. solutions for use in casinos, healthcare environment, hospitality and retail sector. The aim is to offer a dynamic tactile experience and providing customers the benefit of interactivity

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By • 30 Jun, 2015
• Section: Digital signage, Display