Encoders and decoders Matrox Maevex H.264 solve problems to control and transmit the contents produced by the Oslo subway digital signage network. The installation has been initiated in three stations, where there is located 176 screens.

Matrox Clear Channel Oslo metro

Clear Channel you have installed encoders and decoders H.264 Matrox Maevex to broadcast advertising content on the 176 digital screens that are located in three of the stations of the Oslo metro system. Both the displays and AV by Matrox IP devices be controlled from now using Matrox Maevex PowerStream software. With this solution, distributed digital signage already will not be affected by the operation of the metro system tests that sharply cut the power supply.

Consisting of 6 lines and 100 stations, the Oslo metro system carries out more than 80 million trips a year. Although it is considered a privileged place for the placement of advertising, the subway system has presented several challenges for the Clear Channel Noruega Integrator with regard to the implementation of digital signage in three subway stations.

Clear Channel Noruega was responsible for setting up a network that would offer content to 176 65-inch screens already installed in the digital system of Oslo metro stations. The original installation had screens connected to PC players located in the engine rooms. Signals were transmitted through HDMI Extenders, but tests of the system emergency power cuts left blank screens, even after having restored the connection, which resulted in loss of income in advertising.

Matrox Clear Channel Oslo metro

"The environment and operations were difficult to manage. We had to find a different solution to transmit the signal from the player to the screens", indicates Jonas Michael, development & digital operations of Clear Channel Noruega.

A temporary solution was to regularly access the screens to reset the Extenders HDMI, virtually impossible to do, because these are located between the tracks. As a result, Clear Channel Noruega sought a stable, cost-effective solution that would not be affected by sudden disconnections, that didn't need on-site maintenance not interfere with passengers or metro workers.

The choice was Maevex, since its characteristics and functionalities were adapted to the requirements of AV over IP to distribute video up to 1080 p at 60 fps with high quality and sound by IP with low bit rates defined by the user. And, in the heart of the new facility, is the center of operations, located in the office of Oslo from Clear Channel, which oversees the operations of the network.

Matrox Clear Channel Oslo metro

Maevex PowerStream

Connecting over VPN, Clear Channel Noruega uses the Maevex PowerStream software to monitor and manage all the encoders and decoders of Maevex. The company has also integrated two encoders in each one of the stations as redundancy and can remotely switch from one to another if problems occur.

The content has been created using digital signage software Mermaid and it has been located in a PC Media Player in the center of operations for Clear Channel. AV Maevex IP Platform captures, encodes and PEPs up the signal to decode and display signage screens digital remote for each of the metro locations.

The integrated alternation of Maevex decoder, involving an independent alternator, search PC players in each one of the stations to communicate with monitors, in addition to controlling them is no longer required. For this reason, Maevex has drastically reduced the number of players and the cost.

Matrox Maevex H264 Encoder Decoder

With the new solution, when power returns after a test of the system, screens work without problems, something key to an advertising company outdoor where visualization problems involve losses. At the moment, the installation done at three stations, but is working on extending the network to seven more.

Clear Channel Noruega has also integrated Maevex in a similar installation in three ferries in Oslo and is also doing at six airports in the country. "Typically, having a PC behind the screen in all digital signage installations. It is the normal procedure. Maevex is a sea change that allows us to dispense with it and place it in any other place in the operations center, away from the public,"says Michael.

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By • 3 Nov, 2015
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